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  1. I was out shopping up Cribbs around 5pm, very heavy rain followed by hail, hail came in two bursts each lasting about 45 seconds. Then came some very very impressive lightening. I wwas in asda car park and two prongs of lightening appeared just behind toys r us, very nice crackling sound of thunder followed immediately. Must say don't think I have ever been as close to lightening as I was earlier. I felt the whole car shake.
  2. It got up to around 25mph here in filton but has suddenly dropped off, rainfall is increasing.
  3. Very handy, the stationas about a mile from me so the data is almost real time.
  4. Rainfall has stayed consistently at 0.33 for the last 40 minutes, gusts are strengthen and becoming more sustained.
  5. Dropped to 983 by the time I had walked the dog, We have rain, not heavy but is very constant, lots of surface water starting to appear as the ground is already saturated. I have like a stream next to my property which is for water to run off. All the time I have lived here it has been completely dry, Just been out and for the first time its a full flowing stream which I recon with a bit more rain will burst its banks and encroach on the dual carriageway next to it. Wind gusts up to 7mph.
  6. Dropped from 987 to 985 within half hour, Rain also picking up and temperatures rising.Gusts are currently at that 0-2mph range but starting to enter the 0-3mph range.
  7. I'm gonna get wellies on and take the dog for a walk and see if I can get a feel for things.
  8. I have a caravan situated in Landkey. Lovely place. Hope my caravan is ok.
  9. Local weather station is saying winds of 2mph. Gotta feeling this is gonna creep up on us here.
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