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  1. I am in the camp this is caused by Solar cycles and other natural cycles. The increased cloud cover is a symptom caused by increasing cosmic rays in which Henrick Svensmark work has shed much light.. In a cumulatively warming atmosphere there should be ever less cold air available to start producing increasing amounts of snow.
  2. Midlands Ice Age. Nice summary of events. I jump to the conclusion this is all down to the low Solar Activity now being called the Eddy minimum. I have seen many historic temperature charts that show warming in Alaska and cooling in Western Europe during a Grand Minima so I am not surprised by what we are seeing now.
  3. There is a buzz of excitement as we see early snow in locations across the northern hemisphere. Ski resorts in most places had a bumper year last as well. My point is this will be an opportunity to really see how much of an impact a prolonged spell of low Solar really can have and what that means going forward. Cycle 24 was very weak and cycle 25 is predicted to be the same or even weaker.
  4. This looks like being a deep minimum infact we seem to be entering a Grand Solar Minimum so I am optimistic about the next three winters and winter prospects for decades to come.
  5. 1981-82 is still king for me although a few occasions since have been ok. There seemed to be weeks of increasing frost before snow hit before Christmas. Then there were bouts of heavy snow with deep drifts.
  6. I am not an expert and rarely post but today on the sea ice map I noticed what seemed to be a bridge of ice connecting Greenland and Iceland. In previous years this has been discussed by regular users of Net Weather forum although not actually observed. I know it was a regular feature many years ago but when did this last happen?. Will this be the start of a new trend as we seem to be entering a new Grand Solar Minimum. I would like to see some discussion on this as there seems to be no winter thread running now. If you are out there Born from the voiid or anyone did you see the ice map
  7. sorry I made an error with the link just type in solar cycle 24 for more info.
  8. next solar min about 2019-20 http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/solarcycle/
  9. just to clarify, I was not suggesting Catacol-Highlanders post was not scientific but actually agreeing with his line of logic by using my own unscientific analogy.
  10. regarding the low strat temps. I think of it as keeping its powder dry for the big hit, maybe not scientific but still. Good news that the sunspot spike seems to have ended it might help.
  11. indirect I know, but ash emissions at 37,000 ft for Mt Sinabung Indonesia. Several volcaoes seem ready to go in that region. A big eruption COULD be in the offing and that would be a bonus for next winter. Worth keeping an eye on.
  12. The beauty of these forums is the exchange of thoughts and ideas by all. I am interested in everything but will never know everything. Pretty sure we are heading for global cooling though.
  13. thanks for that . Its good to be able to get answers so quick.
  14. noticed it too. Small blob of ice by iceland . sea temps there low enough for something to happen. Last year there seemed a fleeting moment of an ice bridge I recall. If global cooling gains traction over the next few years I am sure it will happen. By the way there is a name for a tongue of ice that some times sticks out quite far from the eastern Greenland sea ice area because of a cold current I,m sure someone on here knows about it and Ihave'nt just dream;t it.
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