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  1. Dunno what Doris will bring but it's just hit 60mph here which is VERY high for my station
  2. Wet snow coming down at 45 degrees on a strong easterly, laying at 250 m.......staying in bed!
  3. Temp in Swaledale still rising... Currently 6.2 But a lot clearer after earlier hail.
  4. Ramping up in N Pennines now. Just have 5min very intense sleet and hail storm....can't remember seeing one of those before. 55mph gusts.
  5. Don't know if this is directly linked to the 'storm' but today in Swaledale (North Pennines) we have had monsoon style rain, but lasting for only a minute or two, coupled with gusty strong winds. Nowt unusual in the wind but not had so many short intense bursts of rain in the 20 odd yrs we have been here. Any connection to the up and coming?
  6. Anyone got any precipitation forecasts for tomorrow for the (already sodden) Northern Pennines?
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