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  1. Enjoying reading the input from all of you, keep up the good work ??
  2. Also what are people's dream expectations for good snow event? Not for this period, but for me in Ramsgate it would be a foot of Snow, I'd kill for that ☺
  3. We are such a tiny island in the grand scheme of things where global weather is concerned. It' complicated enough to see if a cold spell from the east will hit the UK, if you read the model/strat thread and then once it' confirmed, everyone naturally heads to the regionals for a snow fix (like me). But the variations? Jesus, where to begin, convection, temperatures, wind speed, wind direction, low pressure systems moving in. It' way above my pay grade, I don't have a clue, but the bickering? Is it necessary, not really, it' all a bit hit and miss when it comes down to nailing the specifics. So just enjoy it or don't bother posting, I saw someone calling people idiots on this thread earlier, wtf, grow up. Snow, thunder storms, wind and heat, I love the weather extremes, unfortunately the UK is fairly moderate where all of those are concerned, but I like seeing other people's opinions and what the weather is like near me. So please refrain from petty crap and get along ?
  4. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2093453484246611&id=1525384071053558 My amateurish forecast I posted yesterday evening.
  5. Why on the radar v7 or extra app, whenever I click Europe, the resolution goes really blocky and pixelated?
  6. Is it me or is precipitation forming right on the edge of our coastline, east Kent?
  7. Extremely light snow here in ramsgate, more of a token gesture than anything else.
  8. I don't know what's worse walking or driving. Just popped to the shop, pavements and parts of the road are clear ice, it's kind of like a clear resin has been poured everywhere and allowed to set. It's bloody cold too outside. As a snow event in ramsgate/thanet it has been pretty poor, nothing like what I had hoped. I'm not complaining though, I've never seen anything like this freezing rain before in my life and I'm glad I have now, plus remarkable temperatures we've had at this time of year, it's been bone chilling.
  9. I'm phoning the military now to get you to the shop, running out of beer is no joke, getting serious now !
  10. So is this the general consensus now? If so is that likey to hit thanet overnight? I do hope so
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