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  1. Just out of interest what is the verification stats like of the gfsp anyone know. The gfs12z looks superb if you like snow and cold but can we really trust any model at the moment. The gfs seems to be flapping around like a fish out of water at the moment.
  2. Unfortunately that looking more wet than white at 9pm at night. Unless your up near tan hill. Let’s see what the gfs is showing later. Hopefully moves away from a west based NAO set up but let’s see what happens.
  3. Can someone please show this to the gfs & ecm this morning please. Hopefully just a model wobble. As they want us having bbq into the new year.
  4. So another warning out for New Year’s Eve. But does sound very much like a snow to rain event never particularly nice. Especially if it leads to freezing rain. Also what has happened in the mod thread today the gfs06z wants to send us into alsorts from snow then into bbq and shorts very weird weather. Anyway enjoy the snow over the next few days folks because it might be awhile till we see anymore.
  5. well it certainly put some snow down this morning. Unfortunately now temps are starting to rise and we have that drip drip sound. Does look like we could see a sleety mix around New Year’s Eve. But apart from that not really sure of our next snow fix. But if this is all we see this winter it will do me.
  6. Looking good overnight on the latest bbc lunchtime weather think we could all have a good covering by tomorrow morning I’d say 5cm for parts of west and South Yorkshire fingers crossed
  7. Looks like that front is breaking up now. Does look like we now might have to keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow night for west and South Yorkshire now. Can’t see much for us tonight now unfortunately. Let’s see if we can fall abit more lucky tomorrow night.
  8. Wow that streamer over Harrogate is causing some problems over there. Would love this to move down across West Yorkshire but I think it looks like it will die away before it hits us unfortunately
  9. Goodness me some right moaning going on in here this morning. Yes the gfs 00z overnight wasn’t great. But the gfs06z is looking better early doors. We have at least seven days of cold frosty and snow for some what’s not to like. And we also have a ssw heading into the new year. Think we are in for a few interesting few weeks ahead of us. Yes it’s no dec 2010. But definitely nothing mild and Atlantic driven that’s for sure.
  10. Looking very good on latest output tonight could be looking at 5cm on lower ground and 10cm over higher parts of our region. Looks like I might have to buy that sledge after all. If it continues to move north we could be right underneath that pivot. Interesting 48hrs ahead that’s for sure.
  11. Latest euro snow model looks very good for our part of the region tomorrow
  12. Looks like we could see a good few cm’s of snow tomorrow from the latest forecast. Mostly showers but looks like they could form into longer spells of snow if everything falls into place. Plus whatever does fall shouldn’t melt as looks to be getting colder & colder as next week progresses. Definitely looks like next week could see some fun and games aswell. Could see most of Yorkshire having a good covering on snow by the end of next week. Might even go purchase a sledge tomorrow. Enjoy folks it’s looking very interesting few weeks ahead.
  13. A boom run if frost and fog are your thing. But very little in the way of snowfall which I think many on here crave. That 18z gfs run is very dry. But some harsh frosts for sure.
  14. Another very cold run from the pub run tonight. Lots of hard frosts and freezing fog to contend with. But it is looking very dry for the majority can’t see much in the way in snowfall next week to be honest maybe a few flurries kicking around. But certainly no significant snowfall on those charts next week.
  15. Not too sure about that think we will do ok for some snowfall next week. Think all the troughs will be hard to pin down right until the last minute. But I would be amazed if Yorkshire doesn’t see some settling snow next week in fact I’d be amazed.
  16. Well that’s a very sobering update. So does that mean we can discount the GFS ECM & GEM output. Because that met update is against all those 3 models. But as I’ve just mentioned it isn’t a bad thing especially for the poor soles down in Norfolk today surrounded by flood water. I think they would snap your hand off right now for high pressure over the U.K. to at least dry things out. Guess we should never discount the met once again. Anyway merry Christmas to everyone on here and happy new year.
  17. Maybe not totally model related but I hope the met office are correct with high pressure over the U.K. I’ve got family down in Norfolk that are surrounded by floods this morning. They really need a break and time to dry out. So fingers crossed the met have this nailed for the high sat over the U.K.
  18. What to barnard castle. Are the uppers colder there. Sorry couldn’t resist. Happy Christmas everyone
  19. No your ok I’ve said my piece now. Some of the members that have been here awhile now can see this set up is nothing but a chilly spell than a big freeze. But some will still keep hyping the charts for something they are not at the moment. Will come back in the new year and see if anything has changed. Anyway merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone.
  20. Can’t see much in the way of lowland snowfall in this set up but I will happily be proved wrong. All I’m trying to say is away from Scotland and northern hills I can’t see much but rain and sleet for many.
  21. I’m sorry but I’m really struggling here to see the excitement I think a few people are getting confused with these blue areas over the U.K. at the moment. Yes we are better placed than last winter admittedly. But are we heading for a deep freeze with deep crunchy snow for many. From what I’m seeing at the moment definitely not. Now before I get called a mild lover far from it. We have even had mr murr on here this morning saying the uppers are very marginal in this set up we are seeing. Do I think some will see some snowfall yes. But away from Scotland and the highest northern hills I think we are looking at cold rain and sleet. Unfortunately we just don’t have the cold available to the east at the moment. So let’s see what transpires over the next week. But just remember these areas of blue over the U.K. don’t necessarily mean deep cold and bucket loads of snow. And as Steve has already said this is a very marginal situation I’m afraid. So don’t expect much in the way of snowfall away from the far northern hills and Scotland would be my guess.
  22. Well I’ve got to say looking at the 850s on the gfs output it looks like for the majority of the U.K. we would be looking at cold rain for the vast majority of us. And just seen the weather for the week ahead and temps for Xmas day we are looking at between 6c in the north and 8c in the south so pretty standard fair to be honest. Still think into the new year could be our best shot that’s if the ssw works in our favour fingers crossed.
  23. Well it’s almost time to strap ourselves in again. We really need to see a big adjustment from the ukmo around the T120 mark. And we could do with an improvement from the Ecm later aswell. I think if the ukmo and ecm stick to there earlier parts of the output from this morning then I feel the gfs is leading us up the garden path again. Anyway not long now let’s see what occurs.
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