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  1. Well this morning charts are nothing to write home about. Gfs and ecm are both looking incredible wet. If you are a fan of warm and humid then your in luck. But looks like we are going to have areas of low pressure close to the U.K. for the next 7 days. With some areas seeing a lot of rainfall. The settled charts are looking very few and far between.
  2. Well what horrendous output so far this evening. Ukmo at t144 looks like it wants to keep in under low pressure set up. Gfs looks very wet next week with us under cool conditions. Dare I say chilly if anyone is stuck under those rain bands. Certainly after Tuesday it’s pretty much a right off for several days perhaps longer.
  3. I’d very much doubt we will see summer warmth looking charts within the next 7-10 days. I’d expect the gfs to move towards the ukmo and ecm later. It started to come into line on the 06z run. And I’d expect it to move further towards the unsettled outlook for next week to 10 days. The met are going with unsettled after Tuesday so I’d suggest they are going with the ukmo outlook. Think we can probably write off the next 7-10 days of June. At least the rain will be welcome for farmers and growers. But any signs of summer type charts are very slim at the moment.
  4. Well if the ecm is close to the mark here we should all start to build an ark. Those rainfall totals are horrendous. I see the gfs is still like a dog with a bone. Really wish someone would put it out of its misery. Looking highly unlikely we will see a flaming June this year. Looks from Tuesday next week it’s rain rain rain.
  5. So there we have it the ecm goes with its old mate the ukmo. So next week looks awful copious amounts of rainfall for almost everyone. At least it’s good news for the farmers. Think it’s time the gfs was put out of its misery once and for all.
  6. ukmo and gem very similar at t96. Really cant see the ukmo been wrong here. Definitely think the gfs is barking up the wrong tree here. But should we be surprised as it’s the 4th best in model performance at the moment. Think this will be yet another nail in the gfs coffin. I’d expect the ecm to fall into line with the ukmo either tomorrow morning or if not by tomorrow evening run.
  7. Well what a ghastly ukmo this morning you would have to be a brave man to bet against it at t96 to be honest. Also the gem has gone the ukmo route this morning. I know the gfs and ecm are showing a better picture but I’d expect them to fall into line this evening towards the ukmo solution. How many times did the ukmo trump the other models during winter.
  8. Not liking the look of what is heading up from the southwest think this is gonna cause some serious flooding issues in areas that don’t need it. Could be carnage tomorrow morning unfortunately. Stay safe everyone.
  9. Rainfall really getting going now. Looks like a few squal lines setting up aswell. This isn’t looking good again unfortunately.
  10. Thankfully according to the bbc this afternoon’s rain isn’t expected to cause any further flooding so at least that’s a small crumb of comfort for the residents of fish lake. And it also showed areas where the flood water had dropped by 2-3ft in some areas.
  11. Thankfully it does look like it should move through quickly. And it looks as though it won’t be anywhere near as heavy or prolonged as it was on Thursday last week.
  12. So the ukmo joins the gfs this evening. But I must be missing something here next week looks warm to hot. But far from dry. Looks like torrential rain with possible flooding issues. Not like people will be able to head to the beach. Suppose the rain will be warmer though. ?
  13. Well looking at the gfs it’s staggering in its temps. Could be some explosive thunderstorms from that set up. Ecm not as extreme. But one thing we can say is at least the rain will be warmer. ?
  14. Thankfully at the moment looks like West Yorkshire looks to be in the rain shadow. All the heaviest precipitation looks to be towards the south of us. Not sure if this will change later. I’d rather it stay like this for next few days to avoid our fields getting even wetter. Haven’t even done our 1st cut silage yet.
  15. Heavy snowfall now here at ainley top Huddersfield in last 20mins
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