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  1. terrier

    Hurricane Florence

    So Florence is now a Cat 1 hurricane. Think a lot of people over there will be breathing a huge sigh of relief. Yeah some on the coast are still going to get some flooding unfortunately. But looking at some news reports this morning this doesn’t seem anywhere as bad as first feared thankfully.
  2. Well I’m in Spain as we speak until the 14th of August frosty. Trust me it’s hot. And looking at the ecm it’s heading straight for the U.K. shores aswell enjoy. Hopefully it will still be around on my return.
  3. Well next week would be a nice taster of things to come with 36/37c. As week after I’m back to Spain for a month. We’re temps are currently 39/40c
  4. Can’t see it been prolonged if we look at the ecm clusters from earlier today. By day 10 we see a weakening of the ridge. By day 13 everything is flattened out. And by day 15 we have 100% of ensembles going unsettled. Yes some want this to go on for longer. But we can’t ignore the models firming up on an unsettled mid month. And to be honest for farmers and moors fires etc some rain would be most welcome.
  5. Thankfully tonight on the gfs12z we start to see the hot weather moving away at T276. And at last some much needed rainfall amounts. Which is good news especially for the moors fires etc. But until then we have at least another 10 days of heat and hot weather. Enjoy it while it last. Because it looks like the output is starting to firm up on a mid month break down to much more unsettled.
  6. Seems as though a few models are now thinking along the lines of a breakdown mid month. Let’s hope there onto something. The ground is absolutely parched round here. Certainly some rainfall would be most welcome by many. And it does seem like the gfs06z parallel isn’t alone in ushering in some cooler and wetter weather.
  7. Well the gfs turns on the blow torch conditions next week. But then thankfully around the weekend of the 14th/15th of July we could see some much needed rainfall. We really could do with some rain now. Especially for the farmers etc.
  8. Here is hoping the farmers round here are desperate for some rainfall. And also the for the fires around saddleworth. Looking at those charts does seem that around the 13th we could see a change to some welcome rainfall. Here is hoping.
  9. Well looking at the gfs06z over Easter doesn’t really fill me with much joy. Cold horrible rain for majority with some snowfall for Scotland and highest parts of northern England. Unfortunately spring does look to be on hold. Wish we could start to see some warmth showing in the output now. Think even the most ardent coldie must be wanting an end now.
  10. Right guys and girls I think it’s time for me to head into my spring summer slumber. And hopefully see you all back here nov dec for the next chase. Take care everyone. And it’s been a great few days. And who would of ever thought of seeing a positive terrier lol. Take care everyone it’s been a blast.
  11. Got to say the paths out there are Lethal today. Stay safe people. Got to say I echo a few thoughts on here this morning that the thaw can set in for me now. Need the paths to unfreeze and to be able to get the cars off the side streets that are just pure sheet ice. Hopefully a big thaw over the weekend so everyone can get back to normality on Monday.
  12. Well storm Emma never makes it to our region looking at this mornings forecasts. Looks like we could see a few showers on Sunday. But apart from that it seems the boat has sailed for anymore significant snowfall.
  13. Thinks it quiet because they isn’t a great deal happening now for our region.Our next potential is tomorrow night. But at the moment that’s all it is potential.
  14. Not expecting anything tonight. Think we might see a few flurries over the weekend from the North Sea.
  15. If we don’t see anymore snow now I don’t think any of us can complain. Definitely the heaviest snowfall here since March 2013.