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  1. chubbyfan

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    lol..the cold airmass hasn't even arrived yet.
  2. good news for the mods is the models should firm up after the atlantic low pushes through wed night/thurs morn and high pressure slowly builds.. models with massive goose shaped highs should sort stuff out and everyone can settle down and enjoy models of likely deepening cold.
  3. geese ?..honk honk.

  4. right at the end.. chris fawkes mentioned after the mild weekend/mon/tues models were increasing likelihood of much colder weather from the east.
  5. heavy snow in chelt..an unexpected bonus. big fluffy festive flakes.
  6. that bloke up near the straights is setting off on his attempt to sail to north pole..or see how far he can get.
  7. 2012, Olympic games had good weather..light shower just before start of opening ceremony, but 10 days of action in Olympic stadium were dry, fairly warm. with decent sunshine. remember watching on tv as the sun set on a clear sky..civil twilight was tuning in for the usain bolt 100m final extravaganza, (aug 5th ??) thinking the good weather helped with the atmos.
  8. chubbyfan

    2014 / 2015 Premier League Discussion

    falcao didn't even come off the subs bench lol,
  9. hurrah and huzzah...sunshine.

    1. Mokidugway


      No sunshine here , planets in the way :(....

  10. chubbyfan

    Mysterious bangs heard all over the country....

    aliens had been dormant in underground pods since before the beginning of time, they have received the signal and are reactivating and bursting out of triangle shaped eggs,
  11. Saturday is going to be sunny (so claimed)..and 14c/15c maybe.
  12. chubbyfan

    Things that tick you off?

    the one I saw on the news they were all scrapping over were the usual full hd tv.(1080)...not uhdtv /4k TV's.. looks like stores flogging off old tellys before a Christmas/new year 4k tv onslaught.
  13. once again..sir michael of fish and his weekly forecast vid refuses to play..a frequent event.

    1. lassie23


      no snow yet, not much weather either

    2. chubbyfan


      some rather quiet weather next week.

    3. Paul


      We use Vimeo, can you play other videos from there?

  14. chubbyfan

    Things that tick you off?

    what a massive pea niss head.
  15. chubbyfan

    Euro 2016 Qualifying

    sept 1985 was the one where jock stein died just after fulltime..i was wanting wales to win so rush and hughes would be at the wc finals in mexico86.. in the end none of those three made it to mexico sadly.
  16. chubbyfan

    Glasgow Commonwealth Games

    lol is lulu still doing "shout"..you'd think she'd be bored of it after 50years. she is going to be singing that song until her knickers fall down.
  17. chubbyfan

    2014 Tennis thread

    forget tomic he is a headcase.. borna coric, nick kygrios, dominic theim, are three players for a start with more upside.
  18. chubbyfan

    UEFA Champions League 2014/15

    lionel messi breaks alltime goalscorers record in European cup/champions league history. 74goals in 91matches.
  19. goodbye monday and the low pressure..rained all day long. almost.

  20. rain virtually all day, rainradar for Monday told the same story. no fun. a Catherine wheel low, going nowhere all day long.
  21. don't spoil the fun lol..folk are dreaming of a whi i i i i ite Christmas. just like the ones they hardly ever knew.
  22. chubbyfan

    BBC TV and radio listings from yesteryears.

    ^^play school was midmorning for children too young for school, and it gave any parents taking someone else to school a chance to get back in time to see it. also that mornings playschool was repeated in mid afternoon..(playschool was 1964-1988).. daytime tv changed in October 1986 when bbc1 decided to fill in the rest of the schedule with stuff like neighbour.. (oct 27th 1986), and gameshows likegoing for gold. and open air which was a consumer magazine style programme. which had a young eammon holmes as a presenter.
  23. gaaah i hate november, dead leaves, increasing dark n gloom n woe..no chance of warm weather for months but too early for any snow (down here at least).

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    2. lassie23


      I think it will snow in December!

    3. chubbyfan


      some snow would be ideal.

    4. tinybill


      if we are in

      luck winter coming early december!!

  24. chubbyfan

    North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    look at north texas..28c 82f and a bit to the nw of that -6c 21f
  25. whooo 24c 75f in surray according to the metoffice. halloween heatwave record breaker, all the ghosts n spooks n spectre's n ghouls have cancelled halloween, they claimed it was way too hot to be scary.

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    2. lassie23


      Little bug...beggars

    3. Scorcher


      Didn't even think those sort of temps were possible...amazing

    4. Eugene


      Just another normal late October day<lol