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  1. 1986 august bank holiday had the remains of hurricane charlie across southern england at least. v stormy, cold, horizontal rain, and many a leaf did tremble. lol..i just googled it and was surprised to see a page about it on wiki, more widespead than s england then..
  2. wow..staverton/gloucestershire airport is still 30c 86f at the latest 7pm readings.
  3. why is it still in the hourly readings on this site when it is so off ?. remove it until the problem is resolved. it's turning into a joke.
  4. started friday the same way we spent all of thursday.. stuck under the same rainy trough and it hardly shifted north or south all day. grim.
  5. slow moving rain belts are the worst. just animated the rain radar, e/w sideways ribbon/trough boredom playing out in extra slow time.
  6. johan cruyff, kevin keegan, and trevor brooking all retired in may1984.
  7. feb 1979 ?, feb 1983, 1985 jan/feb) 1986 feb/march. not sure of exact dates though, just thinking back to olden days.
  8. a 3rd spell of snow..lighter than lunchtime, settling on all surfaces just about.
  9. decent sized fluffy flakes in cheltenham..just about settling on things.
  10. we must be getting more 32c 90f or higher days each summer than in olden days.
  11. wow..this is grim. am in cheltenham and ir is gloomy, rain all day..and alot of the night.
  12. only 7 weeks or so since we got stuck in that omega high/low and max temp were 9c/10/11c. pretty unreal swing in the same quarter of met office season.
  13. good news for the mods is the models should firm up after the atlantic low pushes through wed night/thurs morn and high pressure slowly builds.. models with massive goose shaped highs should sort stuff out and everyone can settle down and enjoy models of likely deepening cold.
  14. geese ?..honk honk.

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