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  1. The sun's shining here and slight wind? Yet news would have me believe it's not over? Confused . com
  2. Can anyone please confirm that this is over? I'm on Hayling Island. Thanks
  3. Hayling Island taking a hammering. Can anyone please confirm that what is currently happening is the storm? It's just that watching news seems too suggest that this isn't the big one yet? I know I've said it before and some of you think I'm taking p... But I am genuinely in a caravan and to say it's getting hairy is very much an understatement.
  4. I'm Hayling Island toughing it out in the caravan and I'm definitely not drinking alcohol or sleeping!
  5. I'm in Hayling Island (south coast) winds been picking up. Is this the start of things or not? I was watching a windsurfer holding on for dear life this morning going pretty fast, he was the only one out there. Probably hit France by now!
  6. Sorry I'm currently Hayling Island ( in Caravan) and going back home next week to Manchester.
  7. I have to admit I don't understand the charts ect. But finding this forum really interesting. I am getting a little worried about being in the caravan lol. And we are not in an open area or any trees close. I will decide in morning if I should abandon ship so too speak and return to Manchester.
  8. How will Hayling Island fair in this? I'm asking because I'm actually in our caravan now 0.8miles from sea front.
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