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  1. Yes very coldin Eastbourne. Just back from New York and we are colder on the Sunshine Coast. My decking is an ice rink! Fatboypirate- are they your GermanShepherds? I have a 3 year old Shepherd - there is no dog to compare to them ( in my opinion anyway ! )
  2. Beautiful day in Eastbourne. Shame Coast left as he was from Eastbourne as well I believe. There has been too many very unpleasant posts on the MOD thread this winter...
  3. The MOD is generally not a nice place. It actually deters many less knowledgeable people from posting anything.
  4. Just back from Normans Bay and the wind was so strong it was blowing the sand like a sand storm and it was very difficult to walk against the wind as it was so powerful. The beach has had a facelift over the past few months and the landscape has changed as a result of the weather we have had on the coast.
  5. For saying what I think? I suppose if I am banned that says it all. Just trying to learn about weather.....
  6. The model output thread seems to be in meltdown. What a bunch of petty nitpicking juveniles. Some of them are so mean and nasty. Over to THEweatheroutlook I think for some reasonable discussion on the models.
  7. Absolutely. The issue of model watching comes with a Govt Health warning. However as many say the key thing is that sometimes the models do struggle with significant changes and need a few attempts to clarify. I do believe we will have something very significant end of Jan into Feb.
  8. The only problem with that is that it means the Daily Express headlines of a few weeks ago would almost be right .Not about the worst winter in 100 years just the snow in November but then again my dog could say that there is a chance of snow in November. However beautiful day in Eastbourne, not a cloud in sight.
  9. The inevitable wheelie bin demolition derby as they are strewn over my road,neighbours shed roof gone.
  10. Callee, is that phot of you taken in Yosemite by any chance? Callee, is that photo of you taken in Yosemite by any chance?
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