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  1. Hmm is this the same storm.. not looking good https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/09/13/three-dead-torrential-rains-hit-southern-spain/
  2. Hmm although I heard that was unconfirmed on twitter also... fingers and toes crossed. Comms will though be a mess for sure and I doubt anyone will hear anything for a while anyhow yet... ?
  3. Still above freezing at 0.5 but not expecting a drop until much much later and early morning last 6am. Gorgeous day on the Berkshire Downs today .. stunning snow .
  4. Snowing in Bognor according to the beach cam https://www.facebook.com/bognorregisbeach/videos/2292544697640645/
  5. I initially thought that.. turns out it is a wee sprinkling of snow. Think the temps are just edging above freezing now here
  6. Seems our feathered friends may concur with that output too... ????
  7. -2.3 for me and -3.9 dew point and -3.1 windchill. Decent frost at last.. although I have been in Scotland last 5 days.. rain rain, some sun, one frost (lasted till midday ) and rain..
  8. What a Drizzly rubbish day.. still the Christmas Cinderella at Blenheim was amazing.. definitely recommend! Whats the score for tomorrow btw.. not caught up much.. thought I’d read somewhere it could be a bit blustery.. like well what you’d expect from an Atlantic low but just wanted to check I’d not missed anything more major..
  9. Oh seems we nearly hit the 50 mph today. I was up Thames Tower tonight in Reading at several floors up. Quite cool as they have an outdoor bit.. on one of the floors.. which was a tad breezy - It would have been great! That and the views..
  10. ? warnings expanded I see since last night... although I am to be avoided it seems.. ? its picking up a little here but no doubt elsewhere within that yellow swathe have more to talk about. Have a safe morning y”all
  11. Am not sure, as have been stuck in oriface all day but think the winds may have picked up.. l have a scout of the local weather page. It could just be the dishwasher... ??
  12. Yep thanks Dorsetbred and after reading every line burst into ... and in the naked light I saw, 10,000 people maybe more, and then carried on oblivious to my surroundings! ?
  13. As much as I like a good Atlantic low.. no to 3 months of it.. if we have to have a mild winter then a sprinkle of frost at least here and there as well.. it may feel like a rural myth but decent cold and freezing weather is said to ward off certain bugs and things.. for those with animals especially. Plus less of that flipping mud.
  14. Morning - Yep seems to be focusing on south coast literally.. and we may get a spray in passing if that.. Coldfingers near Bognor is looking to be getting most of it.. ?
  15. Morning. Bright and frosty this morn. Currently at -3.7 (courtesy of thatcham weather station) . suspect more rural will be lower
  16. Stick to this regional thread.. SE is a bit more Landan Town and Garden of England folk. I work in Reading live in Newbury so you’ll be fine. It was sleeting earlier this eve in Reading, so prob still is. If you at the Uni they’ve amazing weather site there and not least the IEA department!
  17. Ha did my acer leaves on sat as all over the place. Interestingly a FB memory reminded me the tree was in full crimson leaf exactly this time last year. This year same time most of the leaves are on the floor..
  18. Oh don’t envy you that job.. my cat used to properly swear at me if I had to worm tablet her. For fleas I got the flea drop things which go on the back of their neck.. just make sure they can’t run outside after.. poor things.
  19. I had a Facebook memory today from November 2011. Same great sunshine and maybe slightly warmer. Now I’ve seen that memory, all comes flooding back ( it was the last winter before my old trusty steed passed so hence is now very vivid) and the weather today was indeed just like then. So yes warm considering the time of year but it has happened before for me. ??? it’s great.
  20. One thing is bugging me. I work in transport planning and we have a modelling team. Same principles as weather modelling, and diff models predict forecasts etc on a network etc. Whenever a model is re run with a new scenario or data the output is an update run. It is never an upgrade no matter how good the data is going on. So why every time there is a new run or a comparison is it called an upgrade? Or is it the upgrade just the opinion of the viewer? Odd post I know, am sorry. Just curious.
  21. Actually, you’ve all raised some valid points tonight. Must stock up on gin and chocolate for this roller coaster ride to the end of Nov. And for either a short frost, or more or an Atlantic low.. who knows yet. I’ll be well happy by then whatever ??? ? ?
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