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  1. At last warm light evenings to fill you with optimism... ( ignoring the election campaigns)

  2. whose watching Sandy anatomy of a superstorm on bbc2?

    1. HRT


      I saw it - fascinating stuff!

  3. stunned by all the reports of yesterdays storm. What a day indeed. It was a glorious day where I was though..

    1. gottolovethisweather


      PBs link doesn't work but I believe she means this programme. http://digiguide.tv/programme/Scientific Documentary/Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey/845276/

  4. Quite Simply Snow

  5. woo hoo bit of a day today heh? although I hear tragic for some :(

    1. gottolovethisweather


      Indeed PB. See my post here with regards to Newbury -

  6. no lampost watching for me :(

    1. gottolovethisweather


      keep watching the CSE regional if you can though, PB

    2. Joneseye


      Oi oi why not?.

  7. November- no sun no moon, no morn no noon no proper time of day....just like today!

    1. gottolovethisweather


      Ha Ha, have you been reading my blog PB? http://wp.me/p1OoP4-5b

  8. http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/9128924._Mini_tornado__hits_Bognor/

    Hey CF how the devil are you? Hope you are well and good? I read this today in brighton's argus and thought of you. Didnt know where best to post it up so you could see it so thought Id PM it direct to you.



  9. you is welcome. I was hoping pants was NW friendly and it is so thank goodness! Hello hello that South stuff I mentioned is currently producing some wet stuff! ....ol nanu on the el gordo thread reckons there is a squall line out in the west...will that help us? camera is charged and ready to go!

  10. cold front too far west heh? Oh big fat pants. .. lets hope those with ac offices have their windows open too ;)

  11. ah thoought you may be window watching too..cool. I may check el gordo...but am sure if you window watch ..actually iphone says is south of here directly....have a look..

  12. Yo Joneseye..I haved messaged GTLTW but is there something brewing do you tink SW of newbury? ......

  13. Yo GTLW ..what is brewing out sw of newbury? is there something?....things seem to be forming.

  14. Hey Joneseye..

    I am at home! Pretty much for that reason but internet has been a right old issue today...hows you? Flet some specks later- no great phot opps though yet! Where are you on the threads or is you window watching...

  15. Hey Joneseye..

    I am at home! Pretty much for that reason but internet has been a right old issue today...hows you? Flet some specks later- no great phot opps though yet! Where are you on the threads?

  16. Please Hope the Bear Cub be ok I cant watch this if this is s a sad ending,,,,

    1. Polar Bear

      Polar Bear

      few so far ok....but there is tomorrows programme ...please be ok Hope..

  17. off to Madrid tomorrow...and it is heavy rain for three days.....great...

    1. gottolovethisweather


      did you ever come back?

  18. Hi meteo. Loved the photoes amazing...wow. Tell me though what do you reckon the weather will be like for this weekend? I am due to fly out on thursday and want to know whether I need warm clothes and an umbrella!

  19. Hi Alpine Glow

    Just a quick one if you happen to be able to send me text alerts on the weather that would be great over the weekend...only like when the red alerts are on. I have no access to internet (boo hoo). Bit of a cheeky question, I know and if youd rather not that is fine. i just want to know how things pan out. my number is 07980 562582.


  20. Hello! Yep,long time heh? yes and living in Newbs....get more changeable weather here than Oxford! :)

  21. how are you Joneseye? Long time heh. Did you enjoy today?...quite a day. Not as much as the Coast though?

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