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  1. Ha did my acer leaves on sat as all over the place. Interestingly a FB memory reminded me the tree was in full crimson leaf exactly this time last year. This year same time most of the leaves are on the floor..
  2. Oh don’t envy you that job.. my cat used to properly swear at me if I had to worm tablet her. For fleas I got the flea drop things which go on the back of their neck.. just make sure they can’t run outside after.. poor things.
  3. Weather like today is just true to the November Poem..
  4. I had a Facebook memory today from November 2011. Same great sunshine and maybe slightly warmer. Now I’ve seen that memory, all comes flooding back ( it was the last winter before my old trusty steed passed so hence is now very vivid) and the weather today was indeed just like then. So yes warm considering the time of year but it has happened before for me. it’s great.
  5. One thing is bugging me. I work in transport planning and we have a modelling team. Same principles as weather modelling, and diff models predict forecasts etc on a network etc. Whenever a model is re run with a new scenario or data the output is an update run. It is never an upgrade no matter how good the data is going on. So why every time there is a new run or a comparison is it called an upgrade? Or is it the upgrade just the opinion of the viewer? Odd post I know, am sorry. Just curious.
  6. Actually, you’ve all raised some valid points tonight. Must stock up on gin and chocolate for this roller coaster ride to the end of Nov. And for either a short frost, or more or an Atlantic low.. who knows yet. I’ll be well happy by then whatever
  7. Great to see you on here and thank you for this. Enjoyed reading it, and will try to digest. See you soon on the SW regional.
  8. And on that subject.. looks like Newbury shortly will be deluged.
  9. That looks like another .. has to be a Cornish one. Cornish Crab Pasty time.
  10. Wow. Think rain stopped bang on at midnight here and a daily total 10.4mm (courtesy of thatcham weather station)
  11. Naughty . .. don’t let them fat utility company cats get more off you..
  12. Think it’s cos it is a direct southerly not a south westerly?.. south westerly you / we (my parents too) get a bit of shelter from the land points to the east.. southerly different story.. it was indeed some years ago my parents had a southerly like this. ( Dad is an ex sailor so knows his weather!)
  13. Wow... thanks Jtay. You never know.. ....i don't have any red shoes though.. how about a beautiful pair of Dior's .. will they work? ... starting to pick up and get a bit feisty here.. bit more whooshing, whistling and rustling outside happening .
  14. Gosh .. hope not through your house Mapantz... ? ... keep those red shoes on on and remember this saying "there's no place like home " Nothing like that I don't think here. . Ah so apparently we have had a high of 37mph at 7pm ish and now we are back to 17mph.. so not much
  15. One downside of this storm... getting repeatedly slapped in the face by the leaves which are flying off the trees on that subject anyone else think we've a lot more colour in the trees this year. Lots of yellow too feels like - anyway to me.. maybe cos we have had such lovely still and sunny weather to date the leaves have stayed on longer to change colour? Dunno ...