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  1. Yep this feels like the warmest night so far. V humid. No breeze. Going to be impossible to sleep.
  2. So it seems, from, the should have, could have metoffice scrutiny committee. Have you heard of William Blake? He wrote a very famous quote. Astute and worth remembering sometimes in retrospective moments.
  3. Valid point frosty, these warnings aren’t just for general folk on where you have a potential for a light show, rumble grimblr and flooded gardens, but to help emergency and other vulnerable care services plan in the event the potential comes to full realisation I’m that area. Seems Metoffice have done a Stirling job from some of the reports coming in.
  4. Yep sleet all day now for according to nw... rain by met office ..
  5. Whose on here from Isle of Wight? Looks to be a right hub of activity and show for you.
  6. There’s a well known expression to describe unpredictability in a person or thing. it needs rewriting to “as mad as a March’s snowfall” lets leave the hares out of it.
  7. That’s all folks for this part of the SC and SW region.. its been a blast. Enjoy those to the west. G’night x
  8. Think we maybe clearing soon, as it moves up and slightly more west. Definitely seems to be a nice streamer setting up in the channel for some to the west. You are in for some heavy continuous snow. Just waiting now to hear about some power cuts. Won’t be long now?
  9. Urm we’ve had a fair bit of snow.. more than the first beast from east maybe? I would say a good 6ins? But haven’t bothered to go outside. looking at the radar though think we are coming out of it. What was forecast for most of the day I think has got through. Wasn’t expecting that much. It is though I think quite wet so not sure how today’s temps will fair with it etc. It is quite beautiful and am tempted to get up and go for an earliesh walk . Don’t think the neddies will be ridden anyhow this morn. Enjoy those to the west of me. You’ve fun to come .
  10. Not here they are.. down to 0 degrees. Yeee haaaaa.. got to be in it to win it.
  11. Ah ok. Quite lucky then. Sorry meant fortunate. .. am tired.
  12. How on earth did you manage to mow the lawn after all that rain? Ours is on a hill and drains well but is saturated. Do you have a special machine?
  13. Wow selective chart .. it’s pretty much made a bee line for GB.!
  14. Even the BBC weather man said chance of snow for south. Wow. I almost detected convinction in his tone.
  15. I’m with you on that. It should be time for G&Ts in the garden soon not whisky by the fire. ... been a tad overworked this week with long days so have ignored this forum and forecasts. Driving home tonight was a bit of a surprise as didn’t realise so much rain was due. Had to take the back rural roads. Rutted from the snow and plenty of standing water..and flooding - oh and one point down to about 3metres visibility with fog. What was that all about? It is rural Berkshire hardly the height and remoteness of Dartmoor.. oh well good old British weather never ceasing to amaze us.