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  1. Morning all. Been stupidly busy at work so just been poking my head round the door every now and then to look at your posts as a mental breather and to cheer me up. I know they say don’t take much notice of weather apps so I haven’t really. Been showing wonderful sunshine for next week for my area albeit flipping ‘ taters . Apart from today where well we will have light snow it seems. Ambitious weather. 🤪😃
  2. Can’t see anything on the netweather radar?......🤔
  3. Well if Crewecold can consume half a bottle of the Bombay gin in a day? Then his bottle will last two days.. is that what you meant? We’ve moved away from the weather now as mant have moved to the next level of ginsteria.
  4. I’ve just inhaled two chocolate flakes to celebrate (school night no gin allowed) and reminded myself must stock up with several packets of flakes for pending lamppost watching.
  5. You are right indeed.. may have to go back tomorrow in that case ha ha. Could always sell them to the local canoe club as “super oars “... can you image the till persons face when I take the lot...
  6. . Tried to upload a photo but nw not having any of it. Anyway garden centre this morn selling off their snow shovels for half price.. hmm hope they regret that. I didn’t buy one of course 😉🤪
  7. Oh festivalking you walked right into that one...
  8. whoever wrote that was also surprised at that last line - and "even" southern parts. Shame they couldn't add an emoji to the word even... which one would suit? .... or or or
  9. Sorry to hear that. Alas with my brother and his family it is the other way around. Only wants to see my parents on their terms and when there is money to be had. He and wife and my nephew live abroad so they don't see their grandson - They never thanked my parents for money they gave them (and bearing in mind my parents aren't wealthy and elderly) ... Anyhow, isn't there proverb like Nought so Queer as Folk or something? very disappointing weather ...rain and rain and rain. From now on anyone mentions any scope of snow, its a lie. A big fat lie. We never ever can have snow here ever ever again ever. It isn't physically possible. Gin on the other hand is guaranteed. I can forecast the next PPN filling my glass.
  10. Right, here it comes, it was very quiet about 10 or so mins ago, now wind is distinctly picking up .. won’t be long I suppose before that sodding rain arrives- couple of hours?
  11. Have I missed something ? The warning for tomorrow over south west only now mentions wind and rain? Am sure there was mention of snow in an earlier update or was I just blissfully dreaming..
  12. and that'll be why in the photo of the article the man looking at the met office data screens appears to be drinking...... Gin?
  13. Indeed brilliant. Just read it. Technically I couldn’t quite understand .. but I get the gist and the tone. This SsW is really quite something and not to be underestimated. Could be more cold to come? Must admit, as raw as that wind was it was bloody lovely out there today.
  14. So... is there a prob with the radar? Got white out ha ha...