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  1. Just rain in Northallerton now, had some thunder but sounds like it’s on it’s way to you now and skies getting lighter.
  2. Well the red blob that has just passed over Ripon in North Yorkshire brought absolutely nothing? it's warm, muggy and hazy but no rain so far....
  3. very fine snow in Northallerton, no doubt as it passes through northwards.
  4. I'm hoping its getting worse by the time I get back from Ripon later, a boring day of looking bright blue skys and melting snow.
  5. snowing again in Northallerton, daughter just set off for Stockton, nervous mum but she has allowed me to track her on the ipad! apparently its not stalking when she wants me to track her
  6. Nothing in Northallerton so far, even though the radar shows it
  7. I'm due to be going from Northallerton to Manchester by train on Tuesday for work, any thoughts on whether I can expect delays etc (based on current forecast?)
  8. Sounds scary, I hate Sutton Bank at the best of times, surely though they would close it? I go to Ripon every day so am hoping the roads will be ok, but saying that, the high street isn't even usually done so not sure what chance we have with the other roads!
  9. Thank you that makes sense then when I consider the geography of where i live.
  10. Could i ask what Lee Wind effect is? Tried to google it, definitely didnt come up with anything relating to weather lights starting to flicker here now which is very unusual, might have to locate the candles just in case!
  11. I'm in Northallerton, not far from Leeming and it is very very gusty!
  12. thanks for that Matty. i have been lurking these boards for over a year now and am looking at some of the learner areas but its all very confusing! still, slow and steady,one day i hope to be able to look at the charts and know what they mean without having to sit talking myself through them lol!
  13. I'm North Yorkshire bordering North East and whilst i would love to see a really good storm i don't think i want to experience what happened at the weekend either!
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