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  1. We had half an hour here from the same cloud, would think you'd have similar.
  2. A rain/snow shower came through here about 15 min ago, lasted about half a hour. No lying snow, temp 3.3c.
  3. I think whatever snow falls here will be overnight tonight so be interesting to see what's down in the morning Some nice short sharp hail showers today.
  4. Wind picked up here now, blowing harder than last night, 35 mph.
  5. Had a sharp hail shower half an hour ago, now the sun is out and it's trying to snow. Temp 5.5c, wind17 mph from S.
  6. Well it's gone through and nothing exceptional here. 32 mph gust and some heavy rain for about 15 min, will have to see what happens later today Will be interested to see if the low has tracked differently to forecast ? and if that alters things.
  7. Squall arrived, heavy rain, wind no more than 30 mph so far.
  8. Hard to say but the low seems to have parked itself NW of Ireland ? looks a bit further south then forecast ? Temp still going up here 11.0c. Squall should be arriving 5-10 min.
  9. The squall line should be with me in an hour or so, will wait to see what happens temp up to 10.7c but wind still in the mid 20's mph.
  10. First gust over 30 mph at 32, temp going up now 8.6c.
  11. Wind averaging 25 mph but little rain yet (0.9 mm). Temp 8.4c, squall line over Ireland looks impressive.
  12. Going very dark, radar shows about 15 min of something inbound. Temp 4.1c.
  13. Sun out here now, temp responded a bit and is up to 4.9c. Gritters reported seen out and about earlier.
  14. Sleet/ snow now stopped and brightening from the west. Temp still falling at 3.2c.
  15. Rain earlier turning to sleet/snow, temp dropping from 6.8c at 09:45 to 3.7c currently.
  16. I managed 16.3c at around 16:45. Still 15.1c at 23:15.
  17. It looks great but I am out with the scope tonight so no fog please
  18. Still snowing, temp down to 1.6c. About 3cm of snow.
  19. Hard to tell but the low pressure area seems to be moving due east rather than SE ?
  20. Still snowing here but smaller flakes, temp up a fraction at 2.0c
  21. Still snowing, press and temp still dropping 1.8c. Some impressive sized snow flakes.
  22. All snow here now and starting to stick. Temp 2.8c.
  23. About 50% snow here now. Temp down to 3.5c. 5.1mm precipitation.
  24. Still sleety rain here. Temp down to 4.1c from 5.0c at 15:30, quite breezy with 16 mph gusts. 4.2 mm precipitation so far this afternoon.
  25. I will pop out a bit later and see if I can find a spot out off the wind lately I have been setting up a video camera and filming any activity while staying in the warm
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