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  1. Last rain 28th May. I bought a water butt that day but am sending it back for a refund because it does not work
  2. We got the cider and beer too, scotch, irish cream liquer, brandy and a few crisps for the kids .. just in case of course -2.5 and about 1 inch wild little flakes ... so far
  3. Temp 1.4 here now, it was 6.1 at 3pm so big drop. Sleet and a bit of the white stuff ... Getting excited !!
  4. Broken down ? Now .edit .. ... 0:11 am saying 33mph. They must have been woken up by the wind I went outside for my last ciggy and I saw such a beautiful bright moon and the odd cloud passing overhead so fast, it felt like I was on a speed boat. Mesmerising and awe inspiring to say the least. Eye of the storm? I do not know but its jolly windy here. My chicken coop is still on the ground and the girls (Maud and Mabel ) are safe I hope... Take care everyone
  5. Sorry to hear that Wormster, It is so sad when we loose our trees, .. any tree.
  6. She has just run in thank goodness, .. It's getting quite a hooly out there. Cats, dog, fish, family and chickens are now safe .. Now I can sleep and listen to the ****ing wind ... Forget the sleep bit
  7. I agree, it is much stronger than that here in Southampton,... near the common..... ... I just heard a loud crash, bang, and its really shaking the house now. Local station must be in a bunker as I have been looking at that weather station site also... 47 mph my arms.... legs... foot... what ever. Still can't get the cat in.....
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