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  1. Well here at the northern tip of the New Forest we've had a light dusting, nothing like enough to cover the grass. More snow looking unlikely... boooo!
  2. Hi. When I look online for typical temperatures at certain times of year I can find various sites saying typical highs are 18C or whatever (i.e. at peak heat 2~3pm), but I don't want to know what temperature is tyical at 2pm. I want to know and plan for an event happening in mid June at 9am though to about 9:44 (a 10k road race), Eastleigh. Any idea where I can find out what temperature I might face? (It could be handy for training) Southern_Softie
  3. Location: Whiteparish (a few yards north of the New Forest) Finally!!.. first snow. As of 7am, we have about an inch with light snow faling. -3C ish, wind 0 to very light. Children: extatic!
  4. Bother.. they use backwards dates here.. thought this was last winter
  5. Thanks for the link I've just been through the same day in december (14th) in every year since '98. The two years that stand out as being anything like this year are 2010 2015 good news?.. not sure, but seing 2010 come up isn't exactly bad news.
  6. To my untrained eye the greenland-iceland gap is looking narrow. Anyone got some past years data to compare?
  7. Went for a run across the New forest and got horizontal hail it's just not fair!
  8. Got caught in it all on the way home last night.. I was down to 10mph on maximum wiper speed, could hardly see the edge of the road. Just wished I had my camera with me, the lightning was spectacular. (west Hampshire.. I was near Stockbridge at the time)
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