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  1. Thank you for your "Stop Dangerous Global Warming" thread.  That thread is my favourite ever!  I agree with you that Geo-Engineering will give us our best hope of avoiding disaster.  However I am deeply concerned that our time is running out fast.  The last 3 years have already been too hot for my liking but it puzzles me that the world is still in no hurry to change things around.  Surly the heat must be getting to everyone by now?  The way things are going with human nature and Global Warming I am not optimistic about the future.

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      "but it puzzles me that the world is still in no hurry to change things around" - such is the power of the fossil fuel industry, sadly.

    2. iapennell


      @Lettucing Gutted, @Nick L Thank you for your constructive input and encouragement to this discussion. The reason I posted this thread was because I saw there was little discussion elsewhere on the Forum about how to mitigate AGW given that countries around the World are reluctant to impose heavy tariffs on companies and organisations that produce CO2 (which is understandable) and little other discussion as to how we might mitigate the effects of rising CO2 levels.

      It is a little sad that rather than provoke some serious discussion about proposed geo-engineering solutions, about the pro, cons and feasibility that some have felt it necessary to diss them out of hand with comments like "insane", "crazy idea" with one posting a clip of a pink fairy in fantasy land. Some folk do need to grow up!

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