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  1. not a fan of thunderstorms in my local vicinity (l dislike having to disconnect all my sensitive equipment), but l heard thunder in the distance, according to the lightning app closest strike was 4miles away from Hereford.
  2. lm good at stress testing stuff well breaking mostly lol, run a few forums myself so l get the general idea of whats being asked. wouldnt mind clicking around. would be interesting to know the software you are contemplating to change to unless there are a few possibilities..
  3. heard a couple of claps of thunder before it died away.. came as close as Rotherwas (maybe a mile or two south east of there by the looks of the strikes scanner). tho there was a stray strike around ledbury which my sister commented on (mainly because it made her jump outta her skin and she had to wake me up to tell me about it). other than that looked like the rest headed up to Worcester.
  4. looks like the data is messed up because its showing -50 on both the seven day forecast page as well as the storm forecast pages for my location.
  5. MetO warnings have been updated. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings/#?regionName=uk&from=rss&sn=58C2834E-24E0-E387-CABD-8560C96E3237_3_WM&tab=warnings&map=Warnings&zoom=5&lon=-3.50&lat=55.50&fcTime=1462575600
  6. its gone now, but l did receive a snow warning to my email.. was laughing my ass off thinking how unlikely it would be for snow considering how warm its been.. tho l would prefer the snow over thunderstorms.. not looking forward to the possibility..
  7. l wonder why no ones been linking estofex forecasts recently? the warning area (at least when l last looked) wasnt so broad tomorrow as the forecast lm assuming was provided by conveciveweatheruk on facebook. http://www.estofex.org/cgi-bin/polygon/showforecast.cgi?text=yes&fcstfile=2016041406_201604122116_1_stormforecast.xml
  8. surprised there has been no mention of weather warnings on saturday for wind that the MetO issued yesterday..
  9. surprised there hasnt been any mentions about weather warnings here, looks like the South West and South Wales is in for a bit of a windy spell. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings/#?tab=warnings&map=Warnings&zoom=5&lon=-3.50&lat=55.50&fcTime=1457481600&regionName=uk Widespread gales, and severe gales in more exposed areas, are expected to develop during the early hours of Wednesday bringing gusts of 50-60 mph to some inland areas and gusts to 70 mph to some coastal areas and higher ground. The winds will slowly ease during the afternoon. Combined with heavy rain these high winds are likely to produce some difficult driving conditions. Please be aware of the risk of disruption to transport and possible disruption to power supplies, as well as high waves overtopping some coastal routes. currently affected areas noted as: Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Plymouth, Somerset, Torbay, Isles of Scilly, Bridgend, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Neath Port Talbot, Pembrokeshire, Swansea and Vale of Glamorgan
  10. be that as it may, compared to the usual daily power cuts there are significantly more today than usual.
  11. for a non-event its left over 2379 ppl without power in the west midlands, 8241 in the south west and 3585 according to Western Power distribution.. (granted not all maybe due to the weather, but l expect many of those without power are due to the windy weather.. even if its not been that windy in your area.. after all, land isnt flat and there are many obstacles.. ld believe there are lots of factors that shelter some areas over others (tho thats my personal opinion, tho l dont have any knowledge to base that upon, lm here just because lm interested in knowing the potential of bad weather ahead of time).
  12. while l do agree, the problem with that is natural disasters have a toll, and lets face it, there could have been more done to help prevent the worst.. a few power cuts l can understand but for some whats happened over the past week or so including today will be still ongoing for months.
  13. sadly l can only see things getting worse... l hate to bring politics into the discussion but with the Tories currently in power l doubt we will see much money for flood defences etc going outside london.. after all not more than a few weeks ago they were warned about issues but ignored them, not to mention the cuts made to schemes to protect ppl against flooding, also l heard a few hours ago that there was another Cobra meeting regarding the catastrophic flooding and the treasury (namely George Osborne) seems to have been blocking access to funding to help those who have been hit it seems, tho it seems they are set to rake in millions from the last storm and this one in VAT from what lve read. source: http://linkis.com/www.mirror.co.uk/new/T7hfi
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