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    love snow and warm weather in the summer.
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  1. ian brown and some others you are really getting people cross for our coldies. you keep saying theres going be no northley when there is and I think we will have 6 days or more off cold snowley weather from late next week. your just doing it to wind people up which isit fair mate. it needs to stop this winding up thing. if you like mild go to Africa or somewhere as we not going to be that mild till may now. yes we have some mild days but u seem to want it every day. its nearly winter cold cold all the way. sorry mods if I have come across abit funny but its upset me ian brown and shedhead and
  2. your the odd one out then as everyone else thinks we are going to have a cold snap and even some snow just after mid month. talking of the models ECM was a winter dream for me this morning with cold northerly to north easterly winds come 9 or 10 days time. hopefully the next run who show it again. GFS this afternoon has a cold blast come late next weekend but its brief but I think its getting rid of it too quick. time will tell.
  3. then again scorcher your a mild fan and don't want cold weather but you got to remember we in last autumn now so have to accept that cold and snow going to have to start sometime. I agree with frosty that cold and wintery weather is maybe heading our way come just after mid month. am sure summer next year will be hot and sunny. anyway im going way of topic sorry mods. back to the models anyway.
  4. low tempertures on Saturday as low as 2 or 3c in midlands northern England wouldn't mind betting that there could be some snow on hills in these areas something to keep an eye on. speaking of the GFS looks like there could be some hard frosts overnight if that high comes early next week.
  5. A northerly on the latest GFS run it has been hinting at this since yesterday. -5 bar all way down across England by next Tuesday. meanwhile ECM has some pretty chilly air come next weekend and like frosty saids could bring some wintery showers from north wales northwards. wouldn't mind abit of sun between wintery showers mind you.
  6. nope it be cold with that high im sorry to say. very hard frost at night if it came off. back to the models and its going to be a lively week to start of with. then we see the weather becoming calmer and dryier for few days then if im seeing things right it could get colder next weekend with frosts and mountain hill snow. but that's in f1 at the moment. ECM wants to keep it wet and mild
  7. I would say that we use the colder word instead of cooler as we not far from winter now . sorry mods if im of topic just thought id say that. back to the models and looks very wet for the rest off this week and into the start of the weekend. but its sunday which could bring some snow to northern hills and first frosts at night for some. again on Monday could be a cold day and windy. GFS shows a colder periend early next week so does all other models then maybe milder again.
  8. the latest GFS model keeps it mild till Thursday in northern areas then it becomes colder with even hill snow. on the 6z latest GFS run it becomes very cold in Scotland and northern England by Friday and onwards. the south on this run stays mild but I wouldn't rule out the colder weather reaching there. hopefully we have some sunshine to go with the cold weather. a good run for coldies and good GFS run for mild fans if you live in the south.
  9. yep ECM stays mild but wet and windy to start with. then it becomes dry and sunny and hopefully some frost at night by end of next week. on the other hand GFS MODEL wants to bring in colder weather and later even snow to the highest hills in places. my best bet is that we have settled weather and frost at night. least it be sunny in the daytimes.
  10. gfs 12z run there are some chiller spells. mild for now yes but later next week could see a brief northely if we lucky enough that is.

    1. Eugene


      wow I may get the sledge out in preparation ;)

  11. well latest GFS run shows a few cold shots. I think we will get a northerly wind sometime next week. for the time being its very mild and often wet. and the mild weather will carry on for sometime yet.
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