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  1. No question about it in just a hours time we see either it sticking to its guns or joins some if not to a flatter pattern
  2. Personally I see a VERY important ECM tonight It needs to stay on track but it's starts going off track I think its best to say that this so called beast from the east will be just a cold spell GFS Ensembles also support earlier run with a Westerly this is not done deal by a long short
  3. Man it's so confusing in here it's unbelievable ? Is this a downgrade/upgrade ????
  4. I would still urge to be careful at the moment as some models are still not supporting the idea of "severe cold" to put it ... Let's hope we don't have a huge disappointment due to ramping
  5. After a somewhat awful morning it seems by nights end it has become great ! Knowing our luck it will go down a bit overnight and back to where we are now this time tomorrow?
  6. And this is why you shouldn't ramp one run and overnight it has decided to downgrade Now hopefully it's just a bilp but to be fair the GFS even though it has been bashed to oblivion...it could be right so I wouldn't discount it
  7. Better then nothing I suppose might make a bit of difference for some lucky people
  8. A super ECM tonight ! Also seems now there quite the fair high expectations now but let's get the others models to support the ECM before and if we get disappointed
  9. To be fair he does have a point there has been a few times this winter with some events (northerly's) that have been downgraded to deletion
  10. Flipping heck cornwall is more in the fun then London ...it won't happen through
  11. Can't see that happening More like a minor event for northern England
  12. Maybe because it's nearly always in FI? As been the case this winter we seen charts like this to either to go into the tunnel or upon reliable it's downgraded
  13. Is it me or I am just looking at different charts ? All I'm seeing is a topper ? Colder for like a few days ?
  14. So it seems the ICON is further west again which brings me to this with the the high uncertainty Is it possible that the Atlantic does not break through ?
  15. Although a good ECM to start with but by the weekend it brings in mild air
  16. I don't really see the excitement all of the sudden either the GFS or UKMO is going to be right and you have a think something will go down
  17. Sorry just noticed that spelling mistake changed it now
  18. Hopefully we start to see this from the GFS and so on Does anyone know John Hammond website as there was a email sent out regarding the SSW?
  19. Unfortunately even with these western correction (GFS) it's too little too late and even through its just like a near perfect copy of the ECM/UKMO a few days ago
  20. Ouch the few comments saids it all about the GFS unfortunately but most likely was going to and has somewhat gone with the UKMO Though there is still time for it to change but not looking bright in that respect
  21. Also wondering what the GFS P will show tonight too personally I think the ECM regarding the outcome will make the other models follow suit