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  1. Amber Warning In Effect For Thunderstorms From Now Till 7pm East of England Essex Hertfordshire London & South East England Bracknell Forest Buckinghamshire Greater London Slough Surrey Windsor and Maidenhead
  2. Hi, I seen about the Belgium flooding and would like to post some content

    Where should I post?

    1. Blessed Weather

      Blessed Weather

      A topic has been started over in World Weather:


  3. Apparently there's been a lot of flooding in London and a Amber warning has been issued
  4. Never heard of this system before, must be completely different to the levels they use to do
  5. It's a absolute shame that a minority has to ruin it for the rest of us. I won't get into detail as it's going to be quite controversial.
  6. I have to say that one was of the most anxious matches I have ever watched, England were incredible especially the first half. It's was a bad call to have not so seasoned players to take the penalties but we was that close to winning. A incredible match all around and congratulations to Italy.
  7. Yes, I noticed that in the last ten minutes, see what different style of play that England will do second half
  8. England seem a bit poor in terms of defense.
  9. At 2 mins! Never seen you hyped up lol should call ya Hype Sun lols
  10. I must say I had a fair bit of anxiety for this match Half a century since we been in the final England definitely has the advantage as it's their home town and the crowd will go wild for the team but personally Italy has a better term. Regardless I like to see England win but it's going to be a uphill battle on both sides May the best team win!
  11. You tell me, madness I seen countless videos of insanity today as it is lol
  12. Do we have any forecasts/models about the strength at the moment?
  13. Something I would definitely take! Can't go wrong with a warm bit of weather
  14. Time has gone quickly this year Next thing you know it will the winter solstice
  15. A interesting one to say the least Awesome model viewing regardless, hopefully the models continue in terms of the warmth, definitely deserve it
  16. Hello admins, could I possibly creat a thread about the ongoing situation in Israel?

  17. Can confirm it's snowing just outside St Austell here Looking at the radar been under the current snow shower for around a hour There's a smaller band to the south going up but looks unlikely to go here The wind is definitely something though making the snow drift in places
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