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  1. Very worrying news indeed Can only hope it can be slowed down
  2. I'm no pro at this Arctic ice melt but it seems quite bad doesn't it? Is this a record low for ice?
  3. Haven't seen this much excitement since winter loving the posts here ?
  4. I totally agree with on what you say peaceful protests should be allowed but there's no need for it to get violent (there were rumors that the police did it "first" ) I believe that the protests have settled down due to the police officer taken into custody
  5. George Floyd died on Monday and video showed him gasping for breath as 3 policemen knelt on his neck and body With the recent protesting not just in Minneapolis but with other cites around the United States one policemen
  6. Very good news hoepfully soon enough it will able to be produced and sent to other countries I Also believe that Cuba is testing something similar Cuba and coronavirus: how Cuban biotech came to combat COVID-19 | LSE Latin America and Caribbean BLOGS.LSE.AC.UK Cuba's early entry into the biotech industry allowed it to harness international expertise and develop medicines to fight dengue fever and...
  7. Coronavirus predictions by an algorithm CORONAVIRUS.CEAPA.COOL Should you be worried? Don't know if this sort of website is allowed but its a Algorithm that predictions the rise/fall of cases by county/worldwide
  8. Tested today: 5,779 Last three days: New cases: +171, +407, +676 Tested: 3,826, 6,337, 5,779 Read that again testing is lower but yeah more cases ? Just how widespread is this ?
  9. Today figures seem around a 30-35% increase... Very worrying ?
  10. Spain has had a additional 2538 confirmed cases and 67 deaths (Update this morning) 24 hours from data Últimas noticias del coronavirus y el estado de alarma, en directo | La oposición respalda las medidas de Sánchez contra la crisis de la pandemia | Sociedad | EL PAÍS ELPAIS.COM El presidente del Gobierno : “Lo más duro está por llegar” | El Rey dirigirá un mensaje al país a las 21.00 | España registra 13.716 contagios y...
  11. Very concerning about America Personnely I don't really understand these type of charts but it looks for the most part were under this 33% growth which a positive
  12. Looks like the official number of cases that have recovered as of Monday 9am are 52
  13. I think it was 34? Though it's only going to be hospital cases till testing goes out
  14. It's actually quite shocking with the actions today now I'm NOT a political person at all but the matter of the fact is if the government keeps this mindset a LOT of people are going to die What I'm saying is if there was stronger measures like banning flights etc even a lockdown of sorts look at South Korea and Singapore for example This is starting to get scary now and not to mention it's a matter of time
  15. I don't understand how they could make a error like this I just hope that this is the full number
  16. But yet 171 new cases of 3826 tests? According to gov website Am I missing something ?
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