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  1. You know what i give up looking in the mod thread now since its a ton of rubbish going on there for crying out load! damn childern...The MODELS change EACH RUN! It could be HOT,MILD,COLD,RAIN,SNOW and everything else...For newbes do not look there it like a riot just because some people are not getting what they want.

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    2. Skullzrulerz
    3. Lauren


      I honestly don't understand why people fail to grasp the concept that weather is generally quite unpredictable more than several days out and so there's no point getting worked up about it.

    4. Hocus Pocus

      Hocus Pocus

      Indeed Lauren, it's great to speculate beyond that period as thats why we are all here but to get all worked up over weather is rather silly really.

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