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  1. We managed 28 still at 6 o'clock in Blackpool, not sure what it was prior to that because I didn't check, that's in my app still not sure how accurate it is.
  2. I would think they will as major changes like that to the area will need constant monitoring. It is quite amazing how this keeps changing and evolving on a day to day basis. It will provide so much new information to go through and learn from for future eruptions in the area. And not just for the scientist either, but for everyone who has any kind of interest in volcanoes.
  3. According to this it was measured yesterday with a radar altimeter aircraft. The rest of the report is below. http://avd.is/is/?p=357
  4. Amazing video and just to think its a smaller volcano, what could happen is this volcano blows its top. Quite like the music Take it thats what happens when you mix magma with ice/water Spectacular. Simon Redfern â€@Sim0nRedfern 12m @Mousehole1 local scientists are perplexed and worried - unprecedented movement of material beneath surface Seems that this has got some people concerned about what may happen next. Also looking at the IMO site i noticed a group of earthquakes at another volcano. Anything to note?
  5. Gisli Olafsson â€@gislio 5m No signs of #eruption or geothermal activity in #Bardarbunga caldera itself. Gisli Olafsson â€@gislio 2m Scientists believe deflation of #Bardarbunga caldera is due to magma moving towards NE along chamber towards #Holuhraun So maybe we will see an uptick in activity later on.
  6. Gisli Olafsson â€@gislio 4m #Bardarbunga cauldron has now lowered 15m due to caldera bottom deflation. Largest ever deflation measured in Iceland. Latest from Twitter
  7. http://www.ruv.is/frett/%E2%80%9Eeins-og-ad-vera-einn-a-tunglinu%E2%80%9C High quality video filmed from Day to Night of the eruption.
  8. An extract from an article on Volcano cafe. Its about the potential eruption at the caldera and the ring faults. Since the appropriate Icelandic authorities have today publicly mentioned the possibility of a large, acidic and explosive eruption at Bardarbunga, we now feel free to inform you that this possibility has been discussed by the Dragons, behind closed doors, for well over a week. The key information comes from this official IMO graphic: The first premise is that earthquakes do not occur in molten rock. Nor do they form a clearly visible ring shape such as the above except unde
  9. Thanks for the reply, This thread is great for improving my understanding of the complex and dynamic things going on.
  10. Gisli Olafsson â€@gislio 1h Scientists warn that this cycle of eruptions can last until next year or longer. Looks like observers could be in it for the long haul. provide a great opportunity to study and learn from this eruption and events preceding this.
  11. is it just me or are the EQ'S now becoming more concentrated on 3 areas. 1) the caldera itself 2) in the extrusion to the north of the glacier 3) at the northern edge of the dyke. with No3, could it be a result of less pressure in the dyke as the magma now has an exit route, or that there could still be magma extending the dyke making it longer. Just noticed when looking at the 3d bulge maps for the last 16hrs.
  12. Can see what looks like steam on cam 2 but its covered by dust thats been whipped up by the storm. nothing mentioned on the IMO yet. Also several EQ's located at around the caldera in the last couple of hours including 2 M3.6 Would be interesting to see exactly what is going on behind that dust but i do not think we will be able to until the winds change direction.
  13. yep rainfall could be a problem, Laufbali in the central highlands forecast 115mm tomorrow and an extra 20mm on Monday. And Karahnjukar on the other side is forecast 0mm.
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