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  1. Just had tens mins of very heavy rain here in st helens isle of wight. Very grey and hazy, temps feel like they have dropped a bit. Surely isle of wight will see some storm. Action today.
  2. lots of convection can be seen from the island ( isle of wight )
  3. This message was put out this evening... Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service 4 hrs · Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we have just received the following weather warning from the Met office:- Heavy showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop across SE England later tonight and into tomorrow morning leading to difficult driving conditions, surface water flooding and isolated power outages. Please take extra care when driving if this weather does hit us. Allow yourself more time, slow down, turn your lights on & give other vehicles more space. S
  4. lots of lightning through out the day, having same issue here not all strikes showing up on radars.. we had one direct over head east side of island but nothing come up on the radar..
  5. Cool, Cant wait for the Video.. Be nice to get a storm today seems like forever since the last one..
  6. We had nothing in St helens, Could see the Cells from here over sandown way, sky looking very dark but dry over here a few miles away...
  7. you think the island is in with a chance this evening Ryan.. Really hope so.... the folks on the isle of wight thunderstorm group are driving me nuts, messaging me when the next storm and going to be ..
  8. Feeling very warm and muggy here on the isle of wight, quite a bit of cloud bubbling up towards the east
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