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  1. It'll be grand just weld some legs onto an old washing machine drum and burn some logs
  2. I didn’t realise you could directly upload a video. FullSizeRender.mov
  3. Was snowing here too I'm going to head up the hills on the bike here soon and have a nosey.
  4. Just had a big rumble of thunder there then the wind lifted the play house and greenhouse off the ground. The playhouse nearly blew away lol. There was snow on the top of the Donegal hills and the Sperrins this morning.
  5. Was really fed up having no outside temp readings. Spotted this in the bargain bin in Lidl. Can’t really go wrong for £10.40 I suppose.
  6. The intense part of that shower passed me on the north east
  7. Heeeelllllooooooo out there lol. There was one of those real squally showers I thought seemed winters up here too. I can’t tell the temperature any more as the weather station finally but the dust
  8. 2 inches snow with 6 to 7 inch drifts in my back garden.
  9. It's lying here but the snow is too fine and light to accumulate and is just blowing around in the snow.
  10. I'm showing as being under green and it's dry powder snow falling I wouldn't worry too much.
  11. We’re starting to get some very fine snow blowing around in the wind.
  12. He made it glaringly obvious when he said the police were turning people away from driving past his house because of snow on the mountain. He narrowed it down to about 400 metres of road
  13. Having said that in the distance from my upstairs windows I can see Benbradagh, Binevenagh and loughermore and I don’t go mad when there’s snow on them
  14. I figured out where frosty lives (or his parents live) from posts he put up here. I cycle past it all the time and spotted his weather station in the garden. He really does live at the very bottom of Binevenagh mountain. Must be frustrating when he could see the snow so close.
  15. I'm holding out very little hope for NI for tonight unless your in the extreme west. I have been proven wrong many times before though
  16. Someone is supposed to be traveling up to me on Saturday from Belfast to buy a bike frame. I'm extremely conflicted between snowmageden and the weather allowing travel. My doorstep tried to murder me this morning the cold water storage tank overflow must have ran during the night
  17. We got a shower earlier of graupel that has left the lightest of dusting
  18. The model thread must be like Christmas morning today
  19. I'd sooner have cold and dry than rainy and miserable.
  20. My parents live literally on the coast and even they had snow this morning. They are between groomsport and orlock
  21. Just the other side of the ballygowan rd. me and my mum would have walked through that direction sometimes that’s why it’s so familiar.
  22. Is that Castledona I lived in Castlemore Ave until 1995 I would have been 8.
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