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  1. Snow shower in limavady too. It was that fine dry powder snow too. It did lie there's still a lot of snow left lying here too.
  2. It's been sunny all day but there has been very little thaw so far. Still loads of snow around and it's freezing hard out there.
  3. Woke up to heavy snow this morning with at least 2 inches on the ground wasn't expecting so much over night. I'm picking up a new car this morning so if the snow can stay off for a couple of hours so I can get to Eglinton. After that it can snow as much as it wants lol.
  4. No more snow in limavady since the shower earlier only a dusting really. We did week last week though.
  5. Hosepipe ban is in force from 18:00 tonight. I was just thinking to myself when was the last time we had any proper rain. The trees are starting to look dry as well.
  6. Yea I've been watching that blob it' been sitting north of me for ages. I got caught in that real heavy shower earlier out on the bike. It was almost blizzard conditions. I could barely see where I was going between the snow falling and it sticking to my glasses. My eyebrows were frozen when I got home.
  7. I've been really enjoying the cold dry weather it makes a change from all the wet we've been getting recently.
  8. White this morning here too with heavy showers. There was a subaru wrx in the ditch on the Coleraine mountain this morning.
  9. The showers are only short and light we only have a dusting. I'd not mind some more in the night but I also don't either I have to leave for work at half 6 in the morning lol. I've never had much more than a dusting this winter it's mostly missed limavady or been sleet.
  10. Roads are like bottles out there already with ice any snow should lie well now. I'm sure the Coleraine mountain will be fun in the morning for my 7 am start in work.
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