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  1. I was over sperrin road yesterday and there's still a patch of snow left near the top of Sawel mountain. My smart phone is broken so I couldn't take a pic.
  2. Got caught this morning in really squally thundersnow when out on the bike near downhill. Was scary was struggling to see where I was going.
  3. Looks like there's plenty of snow on the Sperrins today.
  4. Was out cycling there and I saw distant lightening off towards donegal a few times. I'm driving from limavady to groomsport and back tomorrow. I might see some snow on the Glenshane.
  5. I went out earlier snow hunting. Got stuck driving up binevenagh just barely crawled up spinning the wheels constantly for 10-15 minutes going barely walking speed. Ruined my front tyres. I normally use winters and I forgot how bad summers are in snow. Expensive lesson learned lol.
  6. It went almost dark here and I thought we were in for a hammering but nothing much really happened. Just a bit of hail.
  7. I'll have to see if that reaches limavady wouldnt mind something interesting
  8. I'm not even getting up to look at what's coming down here I'm too depressed lol.
  9. I drove round the north coast from Downhill to Portballintrae. There were some decent waves nothing overly dramatic. I drove over the bishops road. There was a few cm of snow lying at the top of Binevenagh.
  10. Heavy hail shower left the place when then turned to sleet. It is trying to turn to snow.
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