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  1. And who will present the forecasts? (I do have my favourites)
  2. I didn't see any of the tour, hoped for a distant view from MK, but the old bird was too far West. My family also went to Southend and said it was emotional. All I got to see was a nice clip on YouTube. Do you think it is emotional as we all know it's the final year?
  3. These were the ones looking north east this evening. I have a near identical shot.. Lol (different foreground though)
  4. After reading all the snow chat and a quick look at the active rain radar, I looked out of the window. Nothing. But the car across the road has snow on the roof and boot, so the snow must have been nearby. Maybe tomorrow... Has anyone got enough for a snowball?
  5. The temperature has dropped a few degrees in the last hour and we just had a few minutes of snow.
  6. 0.8 here in MK and a nice start to the day. Expecting the showers on the way to be snowy ones.
  7. I am down in East London now for no chance of snow. Would like some on Monday please (my birthday) as it has never snowed for me on that day.
  8. Nice afternoon up in MK. Have a sundog that keeps appearing, although Netweather will not allow me to post a picture of it.
  9. No clouds here in MK, can see them in the distance. It's a beautiful day (might take another walk before the sun goes down).
  10. This was the result of the sprinkle in Milton Keynes, if you can see it. Maybe that is the total winter snowfall... Lol
  11. Just had a short light snow shower here in MK. Not enough for a covering though.
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