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  1. Some nice skies around Milton Keynes today, with a few pretend tornados (scud). I also have a lovely time lapse of some big cloud movement and scud (hosted on Twitter) will see if I can link it. First you see the scud, it fades and another appears. Then re-watch and just watch the top of the shot for the violent cloud movement. Take a look at @Nico1a_'s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Nico1a_/status/643836463814209536?s=09
  2. Lightning near south Mimms earlier. It surprised me while I was sailing around the m25 in the squall.
  3. And who will present the forecasts? (I do have my favourites)
  4. The cauliflowers are growing in Milton Keynes. Horrible news about the plane crash. Hope there are no fatalities. Thanks for sharing Daniel.
  5. I was only a handful of miles away from the edge of the rain, but it made for an interesting cloudscape for the afternoon. I wasn't expecting a sunset as it had been grey.
  6. It was dry all day in Milton Keynes and we were treated to mammatus clouds late afternoon and evening (I captured the first small patch). Then a lovely sunset.
  7. Dami, a small storm on the way. Think it will pass over you, not me. I have heard a distant rumble.
  8. Some short intense showers popped up near Milton Keynes. Radar shows them looking stormy, but we still have a big blanket of cloud, so I can't tell.
  9. Light rain now in Milton Keynes and that looks like all we will get this afternoon. Poor show (false hope with the earlier radar).
  10. I will be surprised if Milton Keynes even gets a shower. Can't we move our country closer to Northern France? :-p
  11. Unwelcome cloud just arrived in East London as I was preparing to try snapping the meteor shower.
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