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  1. Which is staggering considering up to September 21st, we were heading for a dry month!
  2. 29mm here in Sheffield-i think we can safely a "dry month" has gone out the window in 1 foul swoop!
  3. For this Summer I'd say for some places yes but depending on where in the country you are
  4. Til Next Wednesday unless the forecast changes! https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2638077 all it needs is at least one shower to get us over the above average line for August! As for the whole Summer we must be heading into at least the top 10 wettest if not the top 5 but we're defintely not going make it to the wettest Summer on record (2012) with only a week to go!
  5. Sounds to me as through we're quite not done for the evening yet!
  6. Here in Sheffield we seem on course to crack the 100mm mark for this month-and that's in spite of last week's heatwave.
  7. And we're also suddenly above the Summer average as well making this well and truly a wet summer now, the question now is how wet since there is still August to go.
  8. But seems to have come back west again as it has been throwing it down for most of the afternoon!
  9. And that record has just gone as we've just reached 34.6C a few minutes ago!
  10. 36.9 at Heathrow meaning we've beaten the July record-now to see whether we beat the August 2003 record!

  11. And June this year was pretty much a disaster outside of the first and last few days with those warm spells.
  12. And here in Sheffield too! I'm sure that front that was meant to be gone by lunchtime somehow stalled in the Yorkshire area.
  13. In fact we have just sneak past the whole of Last's Summer rain total as well!
  14. We've had over 40mm since Monday and it's still going here in Sheffield!
  15. They are going to have an absolute field day until Friday then.
  16. And an intresting article has just appeared about the curse of June 13th but yes it looks like we won't be reaching 30C on June 13th again this year! https://wansteadmeteo.com/2019/06/09/the-curse-of-june-13th/
  17. It looks like once the rain arrives tomorrow it's with us for most of the week! with the only decent day being Friday (if the models don't change their minds again!)-this is getting on for 2007/2012 levels!
  18. Well it's more like February out there tonight than June a total contrast to last year!
  19. Wowsers! This is getting into May 1996 territory (and it's not getting any better before at least the weekend)!
  20. Interestingly it seems the record for the coolest May Day Bank Holiday (which currently stands at 14.5C in 1982) might well go today! What a total contrast to this time last year (when it was the warmest on record!)
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