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  1. 2012 kind of goes both ways As i know the end of May 2012 had a brief heatwave but becuase of the Bank Holiday weekend moving to the start of June due to the Jubilee, the actual Bank Holiday Weekend was more akin 2007.
  2. RIP Prince Philip.

  3. I think we have a winner in Writtle.
  4. I think we maybe due a not so warm April so 9.2C and 44mm please
  5. Well done Scotland! Now we move onto to the first 25C of 2021.
  6. First 20C 26th April First 25C 22nd May First 30C 14th July
  7. Seems unless things u-turn again it's goodbye cold spell tomorrow, hello Spring next week!

  8. Looks the model's have declared enough of this cold spell after this weekend because it seems we are back in the mild air next week!

  9. Those hoping for a Beast from the East are about to be disappointed as it looks nowhere near as cold as it was in 2018! Sunday's cold spell is still all to play for (unless you're in the south East where i hear the Amber warning has been deployed!).

  10. In relation to tonight's ECM model at 240 hours-Not now Beast from the East-Not in the middle of a vaccination Program! 

    1. D.V.R


      They'll have to use skis or sledges.

  11. Don't look now but toys are coming from the direction of the MOD thread!

    1. Skullzrulerz


      Can't remember the last time i looked there lol

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