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  1. Weather26

    Saturday the 3rd of November

    Oh i hadn't realized it Tropical Storm Oscar-Fair enough!
  2. Weather26

    Saturday the 3rd of November

    So Dierdre possibly getting named if that were to come off! (although there is still this week to get through so the downgrades may well have happened by the time we get to Saturday.)
  3. But it's thanks to this and another rain event On October 14th of 18.3mm that we seem to be close to beating last Autumn's rain total 157.3mm with still November to go.
  4. Coolish First Week and Colder last week with a Milder interlude and more wetter than snowny throughout so 6.4C and 112mm
  5. Weather26

    Storm Callum - Atlantic Storm 3

    Callum Has just been named by the Irish Met Office.
  6. Si we go from 1 extreme today to the other on Friday-The Irish Met Office have just named Storm Callum.

  7. To answer someone in the model thread about BBQ Weather next weekend, it might end up being a soggy one (as there's rain on Friday for most places.) 

    1. Mokidugway


      Could be a plume 🍅🍓🍉🍊🍋🍏🍐🍎🍍🍆🥕

    2. lassie23


      Arctic plume

  8. So either the remains of Hurricane Florence or Storm Callum on Sunday then?
  9. Let's go for a cooler than last year-i.e 10.4C and 88mm Please
  10. The Weather seems to have turned interesting where i am right now as it is absoutely pounding it down where i am in Sheffield-trying to make up my mind whether this is Helene or Ali passing through. And it seems we now have rain everyday baring Saturday daytime up until Sunday so that rainfall total should be shooting up for the rest of this week.
  11. Well if the model shot from Friday comes off, it looks Storm Helene won't be the only storm this week! 

    1. Mokidugway


      Looking forward to some mildly windy weather 😂

  12. Looks like that warm September start is about to go out the window with rain tonight and on Saturday-Come on Autumn let's be having you.

  13. Here we go again US-Yet another shooting incident this time in Jacksonville. 

    1. lassie23


      give a bunch of loons easy access to guns= disaster

  14. It looks like 2018 we'll have no problem slotting into 2nd