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  1. To complete the hat-trick of the non-summer months for this year. 14.4C and 86.2mm
  2. And Sheffield is already way above the EWP in terms of rainfall! Not looking great for the late stages if that comes off!
  3. 2007 just about edges it but 2012 would be equal in terms of rain we're it not for the fact that the most of the Olympics in 2012 had decent weather during it.
  4. And today's the day as Heathrow Airport has hit 31C.
  5. 17.2C And 92.4mm please-I think it will be a warmer month than last but still rather wet thanks to thunderstorms aka a couple of short heatwaves followed by several thundery breakdowns.
  6. Correct-i think that anything beyond next week is still prone to downgrades.
  7. Flash flooding currently being reported in Manchester! LIVE Greater Manchester weather updates as heavy downpours hit with flash flooding and thunderstorm - Manchester Evening News WWW.MANCHESTEREVENINGNEWS.CO.UK The Met Office earlier issued two yellow alert warnings of thunderstorms
  8. And one things for sure, unlike Spring it seems 1995 (the driest Summer on record in Sheffield) will be keeping it's record of 43.5mm for another year.
  9. If that were to come off (in terms of Summer) oh dear-not to 2007/2012 levels but still.
  10. Those models keep going backwards and forwards between a another heat wave and keeping this unsettled spell going like a see-saw-especially from Wednesday onwards!
  11. Yes for the first time in a long time i can officially that we have rain!

    1. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      I am still waiting for rain to arrive as there has been no June rain.

  12. If we don't reach 30C on Tuesday then it may not be reached for a while since we are about enter a cool spell from Wednesday.
  13. Seems the ECM Wants to turn the clock back to 1975 next weekend!
  14. 14.4C And a deluge of 124mm-Surely the weather has to break at some point.
  15. Which means our 1956 record for the driest May ever is about to go here in Sheffield!
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