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  1. Far too close for comfort. We can have that rubbish in September.
  2. Dude we have a had a few days of temperatures at 25-30C, bit dramatic lol. Being in work looking outside and seeing the nice weather is much better than seeing endless cloud as well.
  3. Just a few clouds in the distance to my East. Surprised to see rain so close to the East coast. Don't think that was in any forecast.
  4. Peaked at 25C here. There is something extra nice about having zero cloud on a sunny day. Hope this continues for another 2 months.
  5. Just a joke to lighten a mood after the usual lot churn out the emotional blackmail whenever anyone has the audacity to get excited about snow/sun/thunder etc.
  6. I wont be happy until that happens. Then the day after the fire goes out on its own I want it to rain.
  7. 27C reached again. Pretty much the perfect temperature when humidity is low. Hope the met office forecast is correct. The thundery breakdown can happen in October.
  8. Still pretty nice today, hazy sunshine and 20oC, much better than the "best end of may ever".
  9. We had cloud and thunder and rubbish in May and early June. I just want wall to wall sunshine for the next 2 weeks. Today was perfect
  10. Yes it is abuse but the rights of unborn people are diminishing every day, so it will never become a law.
  11. Another nice day here. This last week and a half since the "breakdown" has been much better than the end of May/start of June.
  12. Of course they do. It is a joke how much those in the media industry are willing to sabotage just so they can further their political ideology. Bill Maher literallly wished for a recession just so Trump could go. There is rational dislike of Trumps policies, then there is the leftist "I hate Trump to the point where I wish tens of millions of people would go into poverty if it means Trump can go". We are a good 1 and a half years into his presidency now, has he actually done anything really bad? The only bad thing (for some) I can think of is his language. None of his policies have been outright bad.
  13. Not mainstream, but yes plenty of left wing activists are.
  14. In the west of the country maybe. East of the Pennines it has been two weeks of cloud with the token bit of sunshine at 8pm. Today one of the very few days it has been sunny from about 12pm but even then it is 6 hours later than forecast. Cannot wait for westerlies, at least then it will be sunny between the weather fronts instead of endless cloud.
  15. Was meant to be sunny from morning here today but still cloudy. Can't wait for this easterly to go.
  16. This. Sick and tired of the endless cloud. Easterlies can be great but far too often they result in mucky nothingness.
  17. Yeah at this rate you might have something on him after his 8 years finishes.
  18. No sign of sun still. Want this easterly gone now tbh, too much rubbish has been sucked into the flow and I don't think we will see another sunny day until the wind direction changes.
  19. Bright here from about 11am. Think the BBC online graphics are going a bit over the top with the rain for the week ahead. Apart from a few showers on Sunday I dont see when else it is going to rain.
  20. Timing of the rain this past week has been brilliant, all 3 fronts during night time, so essentially had about 10 nice days in a row now.
  21. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/may/2/north-korea-releases-us-detainees-bows-another-tru/
  22. Sadiq in charge of London really does show how good a job Boris did. Failing across the board in his job as Mayor so tries to sabotage the UK ' s alliance with the USA because of his personal dislike of the current President, who will be gone in 2 or 6 years anyway, in order to distract from the horrific job he is doing. It was a big ask to do a worse job than Livingstone, but he has done it.
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