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  1. I can see Liverpool telling that past-it club to fack off.
  2. I don't think you understand Trump at all. His use of the madman theory has worked perfectly in the case of North Korea. He does this time and time again he says he will do an extreme thing, everyone panics then they are far more welcoming of the more workable thing he later proposes than they would have been if he had proposed the same thing without the initial extreme thing. I am calling it now, America will go back into the Paris Agreement and TPP under Trumps presidency but with much better terms for his country. Bookmark it.
  3. If Obama had done this they would have brought the nobel peace ceremony forward just to give him the prize now. It is astounding how little credit Trump is getting for wiping out ISIS and now hopefully the denuclearisation of North Korea.
  4. High of 25oC today, brilliant for this time of year. Reminds me of the April 2003 heatwave, hopefully summer follows that year too.
  5. Good Afternoon Claret, looks like I may have over-reacted Weather was fine from amout 10am onwards.
  6. The wait for bright and warm weather continues. Yesterday was a terrible 14C and cloudy after continuous downgrades. I swear the forecast for Tuesday a few days ago was sunny and 18C. And its a cloudy start this morning too. Looks like Thursday will be the only good day. We have gone from a 6 day warm spell to a 1 day one.
  7. Heat lasting into Saturday for most of the country on the 06z. Much deserved after such a terrible March and April in terms of bright warm weather.
  8. We have had a lot of premature "This will be the end of Trump" predictions, but if he goes too far with this Syria campaign or invades them then I think it really will be.
  9. 40 years sound good? But I agree with your post, there is the outside chance Brussels might see sense regarding power over sovereign nations and migration and I would be happy to join an EU that corrected those mistakes.
  10. Thats because so many of the left wingers in the party are anti-semites anti-zionists. These anti-zionists sure love their "holohoax" conspiracies though
  11. This demographic pyramid scheme cant keep happening forever. Cant wait for an economic model that doesnt rely on infinite population growth.
  12. Has annyone suggested they get paid 80% less than minimum wage? I think blue collar work is an important part of one's growing up into adulthood and it is a disgrace that so many of these kids look down on it.
  13. Wait a minute, does taking a gap yaaar in Africa not count as work?!?
  14. I think it goes into anti-semitism territory when they add "muh holocaust" and "holohoax" at the end of their anti-Israel/pro Hamas rant.
  15. Yep, Labour just pandering to their new core vote.
  16. We were told by remainers that EU were our friends, not some spiteful little rats who would harm themselves as long as it means the UK is harmed even more. Going by that news thats another remain lie.
  17. The transition deal is one of the big things I disagree with Farage on hugely. He is incredibly impatient, we have waited decades to leave we can wait a few more years now. The longer the transition, the more time we have to sort out a deal with the EU and the more time markets have to prepare and get comfortable with Brexit.
  18. Stopped here in Nottingham. Very difficult to measure snow depth as drifting is just as bad as last time. Some pavements are barely covered while others have over a foot. Not as much as Wednesday/Thursday 2 weeks ago but still brilliant, especially as we are in 2nd half of March now. What a way to end winter
  19. Good 5cm now and grass has disappeared. Met Office predicting heavy snow from now all the way to 7am tomorrow. Actually think this could be the best winter behind 2010 and 2013 thanks to the March cold spells.
  20. Cant believe how similar it is to the snow event a couple of weeks ago. Almost exactly the same starting time. If we can get the same snow totals that would be decent.
  21. Streamer underway Everywhere covered with a general accumulation of an inch so far.
  22. Suns down and snow is finally starting to settle with this heavy snow shower. Proper dusting now.
  23. Visibility down to about 200m so I think we can call this a whiteout.
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