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  1. Just do not understand the excitement. Unless you live on a mountain then it's 6 degrees, rain and wind for most of us at the time of the year when the weather should be improving.
  2. It is still a bit early to reach a conclusion. The people who think 25 will be stronger than 24 are expecting to see a rise in solar activity very soon. We will have a better idea where 25 is headed in the next few months. If it continues to flatline for a few more months then it becomes more and more likely that 25 will be a continuation of the weakening solar cycles.
  3. If it didn't snow this week I would honestly judge this winter as the worst ever. 2013/14 was bad but at least it didn't give us false hope with Greenland high after Greenland high in FI and met office forecasts promising cold 3 weeks away. Also the actual weather has been tedious nothingness. No sun, no rain, no wind most of the time. At least 13/14 was stormy. Lesson learned for me - SSWs do not work in West QBO winters.
  4. Something very similar did happen in December 2010 when a pretty big segment of the polar vortex dived down into the UK straight from the Arctic. Though with us the temperature will always be modified as it travels through a large are of water before reaching the UK. It did give me my lowest 1pm temperature ever of -11C though. http://www.wetterzentrale.de/reanalysis.php?map=2&model=noaa&var=1&jaar=2010&maand=12&dag=14&uur=0600&h=0&tr=360&nmaps=24#mapref Run it from the 14th to the 16th and you can see it clearly.
  5. Shame about today but at least I've had snow settle at least once this winter, something that hasn't happened in 3 of the last 5 winters.
  6. Don't like these new white lamposts. Heavy snow at the moment but the light from the lampost barely shows it.
  7. In the south, closer to the airport which is what I am using for observations.
  8. Probably contributing but then Crosby and Blackpool which are right on the Irish sea coast are cooler at 4 and 3. I don't know how this location does it. I expect nothing and it still manages to disappoint.
  9. Clear skies and 5c now, making it warmer than at any point during the rain before. Can already tell it's over here.
  10. Yeah all we needed for that to happen was a literal piece of the polar vortex to dive down from the Arctic straight into the UK.
  11. Looked like it was going to turn to snow but gave up and went back to rain. How can we be doing worse than both the west cost and inland? Surely its got to be one or the other?
  12. Finally starting to cool down now. 3C DP of 1C, sleety rain.
  13. 100% rain still. Back in familiar territory with sleet/snow to my west, south, east and north
  14. Lmao Liverpool pretty much the only place not included on Thursday's warning.
  15. Uppers will be at their highest about now. Most of the region back in -5 or colder at 3pm though.
  16. South of the region is exactly in the center of that huge mass of snow on Thursday according to the 6.30pm BBC forecast.
  17. Hoping to avoid tonight's showers as they will be rain anyway, get a good frost instead for tomorrow.
  18. We really are one of the worst places in the UK for snow. No doubt the worst along our latitude line. My hopes are on Thursday as an Atlantic low with Easterly/Southeasterly winds is one of the very few scenarios where we do well in (West facing coast with Easterly winds means we get maximum cold from the land upstream).
  19. Its a case of the cold behind the front playing catch up, which is why the east of the country will do better as the front slows down. There has been a tiny bit of a slow down for our region too. Yesterday was showing the front clearing my area by 3pm, today my area is in the middle of the front at 3pm. If it can slow down a bit more our snow chances improve.
  20. Yes, front is rain to snow for most lowland areas with not much accumulation. Oops forgot to update, Liverpool at the moment.
  21. 18z very good for our region, snow showers piling in non-stop on Tuesday night. 10cm for some places.
  22. Sorry but 5 days of settled snow on the Pennines is just about acceptable for one month of winter, never mind an entire winter. Expectations that we get a two week cold spell once a winter are very reasonable.
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