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  1. Yeah I'm not saying models will backtrack but I will trust the models far more once the cold pool is in place and already in the starting data of the models.
  2. Everything has shifted Northwest because of that 2nd warming pushing the vortex away from Greenland. What would normally be a dream scenario could end our cold spell prematurely.
  3. Weird how big and powerful the low becomes considering the jet is down in North Africa. Just doesn't make sense.
  4. With that low I think it will be much closer to being resolved once we have the cold pool in place, as it's where that cold wave and the low interact that will determine where the low goes next.
  5. Yes crazy that there is a big possibility this world ending cold spell could be over this time next week.
  6. I get your reasoning but it took an SSW to displace that air. In our case on Friday it's a small low pressure pushing into -20 uppers as if they are not even there.
  7. It doesnt get squeezed out and surface temps can only stop milder uppers having an effect for a limited time. Saturday surface temps =cold spell over for the South
  8. Hopefully that low pressure building in Italy can stop the warmer southerlies getting in and keep the easterly going Need our low to slide east now.
  9. Hmm continuing trend in the wrong direction with that low on the 06z. More Northerly and Westerly than the 00z at t120.
  10. For me the models that are quickest to remove the heights to our North and get the Scandi lows in quicker (NAVGEM and ICON 00z) are the ones that keep us in the freezer with out French low going East.
  11. Cold wave is a direct hit on Wednesday. That will produce loads of lake effect snow.
  12. Models will struggle forecasting lake effect snow from 3 hours out never mind 3 days.
  13. Has there ever been a chart like this before Easterlies at 60 degrees throughout the entire hemisphere.
  14. The NH profile is incredible. Aside from that little low over NorthWest Canada we have an almost perfectly spherical anti-vortex.