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  1. Why would anyone want a cold blast at this time of year, unless it's cold enough to produce snow, and at this time of year it never will be. 10C below average in late August is 8-11C, that annoying temperature where it's too warm for snow and too cold to be comfortable outside.
  2. I wouldn't call 3-5C above average a heatwave. I think some of the awful weather has made us forget we should be seeing 20-24C in England and Wales during mid July.
  3. I swear we've had this trend of a few days of hot weather followed by a few days of awful weather followed by a couple of weeks of average weather since March. Seems we've had this pattern repeat every month since then and it's about to happen in July too.
  4. If Met Office's warm and settled 2nd half of july is going to happen we need to start seeing signs of at least the building blocks in current FI charts. No signs at the moment.
  5. I appreciate you being optimistic, but 14oC (the forecast for Wednesday) is not normal summer fayre, it's standard early Spring fayre. That's 6 degrees below average. Friday/Saturday was typical summer weather: a bit of rain, some sun and feeling comfortable with temperatures of around 20oC. Monday aside, there's no point beating around the bush, it looks terrible and it's weather typical of October, not late June.
  6. UKMO shows a ridge sneaking in at T144. The writing off of the next 2 weeks is way too premature imo, the unsettled weather is very likely up until Sunday then after that it's far more uncertain. I do think it's more likely to be unsettled than not but to outright say guaranteed unsettled for the next 2 weeks is wrong.
  7. Feels positively chilly at 20oC today. Would have felt warm in this before the hot spell in the weekend.
  8. 17oC is the bare minimum where it feels warm enough to wear a short sleeves. Even then the conditions have to be right e.g. sun shining, light wind. Warm for me, where it feels comfortably warm even if it's cloudy or windy is around 23/24oC.
  9. I hope you mean summer? Because last winter was awful, perpetually stuck in 8-12oC.
  10. Agree with you about nights, not looking forward to tonight. It's still 27oC and the forecast is 20oC minimum.
  11. Doncaster hits 30oC, seriously what's going on there. Is this some new unheard of tropical paradise? How do they get so warm in comparison to the rest of the country except London pretty much?
  12. Agreed with Cheese the difference we saw today is the typical difference between London and Northern England: 2-4C warmer. The situation on Tuesday is not as common due to a front over the country and a small part of Southern England being ahead of that front in the warmer air. Though tbf it looks like it will only be Tuesday and Wednesday like this, Sunday, Monday and Thursday looks good for most of England.
  13. Poor North Sea ihabitants suffer endless cloud and vitamin D deficiency to give you what you like.