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  1. 24c nowhere near the forecast of 27c, cloudy most of the day. Some of the most dreadful forecasting I've seen in years, both Met Office and BBC disgraceful.
  2. Clouding over again! Only in the UK can you get overcast at mid-day in the middle of summer in the middle of a high pressure.
  3. Day 2 of the alleged amazing weekend, another cloudfest. Wish the presenters would stop hyping these things up.
  4. Cloud refuses to go away I swear I've been on the back edge of this front for about 4 hours now.
  5. 26C, sunny, clouds staying to the south so far, with a gentle breeze. Absolutely perfect.
  6. I wanted to use Tromso but they are in a heatwave at the moment which would defeat my point 😄
  7. April and May had two separate problems (cold for April, dull for May), but the end result was the same, impossible to be outside in comfort unless wearing a winter coat. Both those things, cold and dullness, were record breaking. My annoyance is with those telling us to suck it up and that it's normal for April and May. Well obviously not otherwise records wouldn't be broken. Whereas the last week they hate so much is normal, perhaps 2 or 3 degrees above average for most.
  8. Another perfect start, long may this continue until November. For any cold drizzle fans have you considered moving to Svalbard instead of pretending the rubbish we had in April and May is normal?
  9. So much cloud around in the mornings that I don't think was ever in the forecasts. Third day in a row now where it's still completely overcast by 9.
  10. Much better than I thought it would be, hazy sunshine and 18C. But again I shouldn't be feeling grateful for this, this is bang average for late May, this should be the norm, not a freak occurence.
  11. First time I've managed to comfortably sit outside in May and probably about 35 days now. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic. I've actually lost my adaptation to heat, it's only 14C outside and it feels warm, would normally need 20C+ to feel warm. That's what happens when you get a 9 month winter.
  12. Worst May ever, absolute disgrace. Hope it doesn't rain for another 5 years, see how those cold misery loving gloating expletives like that.
  13. I'm so desperate I'll even take the cold high on offer this morning. 13C and sunny would be in the top 5 days so far this year.
  14. Another day more rain. The one year, the one effing year in the last 100 where we could have done without this. Hate this miserable island.
  15. Yeah no it's not, the Jet should be running between Iceland and Scotland, Not Isle of White and France. That's a 1000 mile displacement to the South. I don't understand this weird fixation on normalizing record breaking cold such as April.
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