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  1. Seen this a lot this year. The symbol for the day shows cloud yet when you click it shows sunny spells/sunny for most of the time points of that day.
  2. For reference when the 20C 850hpa line clipped the UK in 2003 we hit our hottest ever temperature. Obviously we won't get near that, but if we do get the 20C line then 32C is not out of the question.
  3. Some of the most depressing charts I've ever seen. We seem to have been stuck in this permanent autumn for about 3 years now.
  4. Don't understand how Portugal won, absolutely dire song.
  5. The possible warm spell is too far away to take seriously, but the big 3 models are all very similar at t144.
  6. That's not cold though, that's 8C with rain showers for most places except mountains. Don't know how anyone could like that any time of the year but each to their own.
  7. Around 80kg and bf% between 18-19%. Fairly decent rate of weight gain I think, 5kg in 4 months and bf% has increased by around 1%. I was planning this cut agws ago regardless of my bf%. The plan was get some muscle mass and then cut for August when I go on holiday. Sorry about your injuries, annoying but you're doing the right thing. How did you get the golfer's elbow?
  8. It's been a while, how's everyone getting on? I finish my bulk tomorrow, I've enjoyed the strength gains, but can't wait to be eating less lol. Been eating 3,300 calories these last few weeks. Fairly happy with my lifts but it's taken me a while to get the deadlift form right, I would always curve my back on the way down, pretty much sorted it now though. @SW Saltire I started pendlay row and it's great for assisting squat and deadlift thanks.
  9. Models on the face of it look terrible, low pressure over the UK over the weekend and then high pressure moving towards Greenland, but looking in detail it's not bad at all. During the day it will be fine this weekend with rain coming Sunday night for most and as for the high pressure retrogression next week, the Northeasterly doesn't quite get there in full flow. Strong winds also doing us a favour so that we're not stuck with low cloud which is typical of most easterlies.
  10. 22oC, sunny, slight breeze . Even in mid-summer we're lucky to get this.
  11. BBC way off with their overcast forecast today. They've done this mistake a few times now in the last couple of weeks. Someone needs to tell them it's not midwinter anymore, high pressure over the UK brings sunny weather.
  12. How's everyone doing? Decent month for me in terms of strength. Reached the 60kg milestone with bench press and I think I will reach 40g OHP some point this coming week. Weight gain is a bit slow though, only 1.3kg gained in 1 month and I have to assume some of that was fat too. Think my problem is that I'm focusing on strength (doing reps of 6 for most exercises) rather than hypertrophy, but I want a good foundation of strength before doing hypertrophy, no point doing 12 reps of 40kg bench press lol. Think I have to re-evaluate my goals. I wanted to look toned by summer of this year, but think I have to accept that it's about strength this year then get to a decent bf% by August (when I go on holiday), then start a long bulk and hypertrophy regime in September.
  13. All the more reason to enjoy Saturday am? Maybe back when we were spoiled for snow in 2010 I would dread the thaws but after 4 years of disgraceful winters I'm happy with any snow.
  14. Can actually describe this as real light snow here, coming down at its heaviest yet. Still incredibly light though with no chance of accumulations even with the temperature being 0c with -1dp. BBC forecast has upgraded to 6 hours in a row of light snow later tonight too, maybe something is brewing in the North Sea...
  15. Actually getting a few flakes per second here at the moment. Tiny flakes though.