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  1. Solar flux is now at 65.7 pretty much as low as you can get.
  2. Cambridge down to 36. Unless Northolt and Heathrow go on a late rally the record stays.
  3. The standard rule is .5 and above gets rounded up and .4 and below gets rounded down so it could be anywhere from 37.5 to 38.4 at Cambridge.
  4. We don't know if its rounded up or down so let's say 38.4C
  5. Heathrow and Northolt both back up to 37C. One last push from them come on lol.
  6. East Midlands Airport, my closest weather station, saying 35C. Is that the all time record for this area broken?
  7. Cambridge is 37C as of 14.20. If the sun can hold out until 4pm the record is broken imo.
  8. Looks like theres no chance of that happenning tonight. Looks like the models have failed to take into account a sea breeze affecting east anglia. Temperatures are already down to 22-24C in the area where the models thought would stay above 23C tonight.
  9. 31C has been hit so that's the hottest of the year so for.
  10. Was worried the cloud this morning would ruin today but temperatures are back on track. Currently 30C.
  11. Took 3 hours for that crap to go. Currently 21C in this scorching "heatwave". Will be lucky to hit 25C nevermind 35C.
  12. Completely cloudy for 2 hours now with no end in sight. Already 3C behind forecasts. Great start to this "heatwave".
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