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  1. In the west of the country maybe. East of the Pennines it has been two weeks of cloud with the token bit of sunshine at 8pm. Today one of the very few days it has been sunny from about 12pm but even then it is 6 hours later than forecast. Cannot wait for westerlies, at least then it will be sunny between the weather fronts instead of endless cloud.
  2. Was meant to be sunny from morning here today but still cloudy. Can't wait for this easterly to go.
  3. This. Sick and tired of the endless cloud. Easterlies can be great but far too often they result in mucky nothingness.
  4. No sign of sun still. Want this easterly gone now tbh, too much rubbish has been sucked into the flow and I don't think we will see another sunny day until the wind direction changes.
  5. Bright here from about 11am. Think the BBC online graphics are going a bit over the top with the rain for the week ahead. Apart from a few showers on Sunday I dont see when else it is going to rain.
  6. Timing of the rain this past week has been brilliant, all 3 fronts during night time, so essentially had about 10 nice days in a row now.
  7. 22C, no cloud and a light breeze. Perfect.
  8. Just outside the are of rain. Bullet dodged.
  9. Snowy L

    UEFA Champions League

    I can see Liverpool telling that past-it club to fack off.
  10. High of 25oC today, brilliant for this time of year. Reminds me of the April 2003 heatwave, hopefully summer follows that year too.
  11. Good Afternoon Claret, looks like I may have over-reacted Weather was fine from amout 10am onwards.
  12. The wait for bright and warm weather continues. Yesterday was a terrible 14C and cloudy after continuous downgrades. I swear the forecast for Tuesday a few days ago was sunny and 18C. And its a cloudy start this morning too. Looks like Thursday will be the only good day. We have gone from a 6 day warm spell to a 1 day one.
  13. Heat lasting into Saturday for most of the country on the 06z. Much deserved after such a terrible March and April in terms of bright warm weather.
  14. Stopped here in Nottingham. Very difficult to measure snow depth as drifting is just as bad as last time. Some pavements are barely covered while others have over a foot. Not as much as Wednesday/Thursday 2 weeks ago but still brilliant, especially as we are in 2nd half of March now. What a way to end winter
  15. Good 5cm now and grass has disappeared. Met Office predicting heavy snow from now all the way to 7am tomorrow. Actually think this could be the best winter behind 2010 and 2013 thanks to the March cold spells.