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  1. 20C and sunny today. Not ready to let go of this warm weather. That can happen after the clocks go back. I see people getting excited at a possible easterly or northerly. I don't think they realise that means 8C and rain at this time of year, not snow.
  2. The overnight temperatures look interesting too with many areas staying above 20C. Surely close to breaking a record there?
  3. Snowy L

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    One more day of this trash and then back to normal thankfully.
  4. Snowy L

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Sorry if my poor joke scared everyone off. Currently 30C here with sunny spells.
  5. Ok I keep seeing summer's over and huge downgrade posts, so I look at the models myself, expecting low pressure systems all over the UK and instead I see a huge high pressure sat right on top of the UK from Thursday through the whole run pretty much. What is wrong with this thread lol.
  6. Snowy L

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Model thread is confusing. People seeing 27C and sunny as "downgrades" yet getting excited for cloud and 40c. Keep thinking summer is over with all the downgrade talk when in reality the downgrades are better than the upgrades.
  7. Snowy L

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Well I can hear a lot of crashes but Im not sure if its thunder or the binmen.
  8. They had 28c and thunderstorms for most of the afternoon. The reality was 32C and mostly sunny except for a light 2 minute shower. So yes they are terrible.
  9. Snowy L

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    32C now was not expecting it to keep warming up.
  10. Snowy L

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Pretty much every shower has missed me so far. Though that is allowing the temperature to increase, currently 31C.
  11. BBC has already underrestimated my temperature by 2C and we sill have 2 hours of warming left. I would trust the Met.
  12. Snowy L

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    30C reached for the 2nd time this year now.
  13. Snowy L

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    29C but a bit more cloud now. Thats the bbc forecast temperature beaten with 3 hours to go at least.
  14. There have been a couple of moments where I just start to get fed up but on the whole I have loved it. This is a once in 50 years thing.
  15. Snowy L

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Well bbc prediction for today has gone from 31C yesterday to 28C this morning. What a load of rubbish. Also I dont see where all this torrential rain lasting all day is going to come from in 10 minutes according to the met office seeing as its mostly sunny right now. Has the low moved in about a day faster than expected or something? Huge downgrade on temps and weather (if these predictions turn out to be correct, which I doubt).