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  1. High of 25oC today, brilliant for this time of year. Reminds me of the April 2003 heatwave, hopefully summer follows that year too.
  2. Good Afternoon Claret, looks like I may have over-reacted Weather was fine from amout 10am onwards.
  3. The wait for bright and warm weather continues. Yesterday was a terrible 14C and cloudy after continuous downgrades. I swear the forecast for Tuesday a few days ago was sunny and 18C. And its a cloudy start this morning too. Looks like Thursday will be the only good day. We have gone from a 6 day warm spell to a 1 day one.
  4. Heat lasting into Saturday for most of the country on the 06z. Much deserved after such a terrible March and April in terms of bright warm weather.
  5. Stopped here in Nottingham. Very difficult to measure snow depth as drifting is just as bad as last time. Some pavements are barely covered while others have over a foot. Not as much as Wednesday/Thursday 2 weeks ago but still brilliant, especially as we are in 2nd half of March now. What a way to end winter
  6. Good 5cm now and grass has disappeared. Met Office predicting heavy snow from now all the way to 7am tomorrow. Actually think this could be the best winter behind 2010 and 2013 thanks to the March cold spells.
  7. Cant believe how similar it is to the snow event a couple of weeks ago. Almost exactly the same starting time. If we can get the same snow totals that would be decent.
  8. Streamer underway Everywhere covered with a general accumulation of an inch so far.
  9. Suns down and snow is finally starting to settle with this heavy snow shower. Proper dusting now.
  10. Visibility down to about 200m so I think we can call this a whiteout.
  11. Moderate snow here but not settling. Unlike the last cold spell, it has been very warm before the start of this cold spell. Hopefully it will have cooled down enough for the snowfall tonight, which looks good on the Met forecast.
  12. Can I get your autograph?
  13. On the whole I think Met Office did a great job. My only issue is the headline of the amber warning being "be prepared". If I am someone who has no interest in weather, that wouldnt sound too threatening to me and it sounds like something that is not a done deal, so I could take the risk with travelling for example. Amber warnings should have the headline "take action" while red gets something even more severe.
  14. That's because you live directly to the west of the Pennines aka one of the most protected areas from an easterly. Areas much further North than you got tonnes of snow.
  15. Probably the fact that MattStoke isnt trying to make people feel guilty about their weather preferences.