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  1. Watch those Greenland Highs disappear again in winter. Proper peetake that they can often screw us over in both winter and summer;
  2. 32C now, this wasn't in the forecast. When the wind dies down you can really feel it and it becomes very uncomfortable.
  3. It was a tropical night here with a minimum of 20C, clear skies now and already 26C.
  4. Anyone living about 20 miles west of Burton is in for a treat. I can see it from here a flash per second at the moment.
  5. Peaked at 31C. After the early cloud cleared it was clear all day. Arguably the best day of the summer so far.
  6. I know it's pretty tough at night but it was nice to be able to go for a walk at 10pm last night in t-shirt and shorts and not feel cold. Can count on one hand the amount of times I've been able to do that in the UK. With foreign holidays out of the question this summer I don't mind the warm nights this year. As for today It's only 28C but feels very hot out there with the high humidity.
  7. This is turning out to be the best day so far, much better than the Friday cloudfest. Tiny bit of cloud in the morning but has been clear since. 27C but feels warmer with the increased humidity.
  8. Yet again it's UKMO against everyone else, would really like some support from the ECM later.
  9. Much needed UKMO giving a realistic route back into settled weather, it was looking bleak after Wednesday this morning.
  10. Even the GFS 6 hours ago didn't pick up on the central England rain today.
  11. Anyone else think forecasters have handled this spell terribly. They seem to have massively underestimated these decaying fronts. All week they have been saying Friday will be incredible for England away from northwest coasts yet we now have a front in the middle of the country. Is it too much to ask them to pick up on these things the day before it happens?
  12. Where have these showers come from. Is it too much to ask for just one sunny day this pathetic summer?
  13. Heathrow not even at 30C yet. Will be lucky to hit 33C today, never mind go for records.
  14. Honestly hope we don't get the temperatures being predicted in the model thread right now, that would be deadly. I wouldn't be concerned about a 1 day heatwave delivering 40 then quickly being pushed away (last Friday would have been perfect), but an entire week of heatwave temperatures with a 40C day would kill people. Looking at high teens or low twenties night time temperatures too, which would average our temperatures at 25-30C, that is horrific in a country without air con in most homes. I've only done that once before in Cyprus (typical night time temp is 24C). It took me hours to fall asleep and when I did I only managed 3 or 4 hours
  15. Really? I would think since 4th July families and friends from different households meeting indoors in houses and pubs all the time due to the disgraceful weather would be the biggest cause, not people meeting outside. Anything that brings people outside is good news imo. More weather related, that UKMO 144h chart is the perfect summer chart for me. Not record-breaking heat, but high twenties/low thirties with very low humidity. Would take that instead of a transient plume.
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