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  1. Not much going on here earlier today, clear sunny skies and 20 something. Had a downpour from a thunder cell yesterday
  2. Speaking of sheepdog Old but still good!
  3. Banned from Overclockers UK forum for not posting regularly, Only been chucked out of one club, but not banned, actually make that twice. (different clubs) one for a fight and one for being plastered and having something planted on me and Banned from a pub 6 years ago for buying a mate (minor) a pint Only lasted 3 months
  4. Do you have a link to the page for that? Something odd going on with NW's strike count, only showing 18000 or so!
  5. At mums, it varies from not be able to close the door after shopping to needing a magnifying glass to search for any crumbs left, as well as 5 year old jars of dinner dressings At dads Bread Coffee Eggs (now he has a omelette bowl) Dinner Meals Beer Milk Margarine & Butter Cheese Potatoes Apples Fizzy Drinks Dinner dressings Not much else
  6. There's a bit of a way to go for the coldest easter! That was -12.5c in Braemar on 31st March 2013
  7. I'm alive :yahoo:

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    2. Essex Easterly

      Essex Easterly

      Only joking, just been super duper busy :D Earning some $$$

    3. lassie23
    4. CreweCold


      Some footage just in of EE


  8. Finally found an image of you online :shok:


  9. I think most have fled now looking for warmth, after what a lot of people considered another disastrous winter in terms of snow, or even if clinging on for hope have lost interest due to how close we are to spring
  10. Beats my mum's big ugly wooden dog she stuck on top of my 2 dogs graves
  11. 400gb of data lost and needing to be re downloaded! :angry:

  12. IMO a "cold snap" is worthless in late march with the strengthening sun. Unless we can get some prolonged cold to chill the ground so that the snow will stick I find it utterly pointless ramping when we all know that even if were lucky to get snowfall it'll just about last until midday, whether it's a night time snowfall or day. In January I would love it, but having snow now and expecting to to become a winter wonderland we may as well be jaffa cakesing in the wind
  13. Just made a post in the Formula 1 thread, and I think the sites spellcheck/weather term function is getting in the way. Trying to post (FI as in F and the digit 1, but as I submit a reply the "F and digit 1" automatically changes to the "FI" term Using Windows 10 64bit and Chrome
  14. Tomorrow is F.1 car launch week, details below: 2017 car launches February 17: Williams FW40, Online preview February 20: Sauber C36, Online February 21: Renault RS17, London February 22: Force India VJM10, Silverstone February 23: Mercedes W08, Silverstone February 24: Ferrari, Fiorano February 24: McLaren MCL32, Woking February 26: Red Bull RB13, Online February 26: Toro Rosso STR12, Barcelona February 26: Haas VF17, Online Williams online preview was a computer generated image, not actual car shots, mclaren has had many images posted online for their new livery and have been confirmed as fakes. Tomorrow Sauber will be launching their car with online images at http://www.sauberf1team.com/ They also have a filming day on the 22nd, but I'm not sure if that'll be streamed online Sky sports are broadcasting details of testing, (not looked) But I think it's ted kravitz giving a run down of the daily tests in the same format as his qualifying notebook previews, available on Sky Sports F.1 HD or online streaming (if you google) Testing dates in Barcelona are February 27th to March 2nd & March 7th to 10th
  15. There's a lot of lettuce shaking at the mo over statuses, so I'll throw my update into the mix, I've got pizza! What flavour is it?

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    2. CreweCold
    3. gone


      Essex, due to your status I asked a pizza to be delivered. So in terms of how successful status posts are...I give you 10/10 :yahoo: ....Now, that pizza on the pic is too sweet for my taste buds I am afraid but give me savory mmmmmm....

    4. Dami


      OMG. Dessert pizza!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

  16. Just joined in there but can't see myself in any visitor list, also can't see any emoticons, but like the additional features showing such as font colour etc and notification count. Unable to post in there also, or click on anything, but can see your 2 test messages
  17. I think your cats just heard your cousin will be over again soon 


    1. CreweCold


      His cousin is semi permanent member of that household. The crisp cupboard will never be the same again. Let's take a minute to remember Larry's crisp, nut and beer supply.

    2. lassie23


      He was here last night.....again

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