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  1. Not much going on here earlier today, clear sunny skies and 20 something. Had a downpour from a thunder cell yesterday
  2. Essex Easterly

    The Doh Moment

    Rainless clouds with rain warnings
  3. Did you get much from Yesterday mornings wave Surrey?
  4. Essex Easterly

    Make us laugh

    Speaking of sheepdog Old but still good!
  5. Essex Easterly

    Have you ever been banned from anywhere?

    Banned from Overclockers UK forum for not posting regularly, Only been chucked out of one club, but not banned, actually make that twice. (different clubs) one for a fight and one for being plastered and having something planted on me and Banned from a pub 6 years ago for buying a mate (minor) a pint Only lasted 3 months
  6. Do you have a link to the page for that? Something odd going on with NW's strike count, only showing 18000 or so!
  7. You sure it's not the lighthouses? lol
  8. Essex Easterly

    What's in your fridge?

    At mums, it varies from not be able to close the door after shopping to needing a magnifying glass to search for any crumbs left, as well as 5 year old jars of dinner dressings At dads Bread Coffee Eggs (now he has a omelette bowl) Dinner Meals Beer Milk Margarine & Butter Cheese Potatoes Apples Fizzy Drinks Dinner dressings Not much else
  9. Essex Easterly

    Cafe chill out - aka Banter - The 2nd Edition

    I've not slept yet
  10. Essex Easterly

    Model Output Discussions 12z 08/03/17

    There's a bit of a way to go for the coldest easter! That was -12.5c in Braemar on 31st March 2013
  11. I'm alive :yahoo:

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    2. Essex Easterly

      Essex Easterly

      Only joking, just been super duper busy :D Earning some $$$

    3. lassie23
    4. CreweCold


      Some footage just in of EE


  12. See you at 8pm, will Sally be joining us?

  13. It looks like Scotland will get an early taste of summer tomorrow