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  1. I can confirm that the Norwich streamer is actually more like a steamer.........no snow and no show
  2. I have just messaged a mate of mine in the red zone of that streamer, so will let you know what his lamp posts are telling him!
  3. I have to say the met office weather app has been complete garbage over the past 8 weeks (since winter started) especially when it comes to snow predictions for my area. Yesterday it was forecast with a double snow icon for around 3 hours, but two hours before it changed to cloudy with a light breeze, and the same again today. Same thing happened early Dec. Surely even the meto can virtually ‘nowcast’ and get it right occasionally 🤣
  4. I was walking the dogs over at the common during the heavy stuff! It was great and nicely cold 🥶
  5. Having grown up with the snow experiences of the 70’s and 80’s as a kid and how it was so much better then, i’m Close to calling the conditions outside ‘the worst locally i’ve ever known’. (Or the best.....but you know what I mean).
  6. Just had a look at the night temps in Berlin through to Sunday week. I chose Berlin as it is obviously east of our east.....and the current and projected temps are well below zero for the next 9 days. Anyone on here that can predict those temps continuing through to our shores? If so, we’ll still be in the freezer in two weeks time........
  7. Is it too early to predict which Counties in our region will feel the fullest force of the coming event (crossing fingers that someone suggests Norfolk ?)
  8. If u check wunderground radar it looks as though we a going to stay 'clipped' for a little while
  9. I'm just up the road north of you and its a full on blizzard now....should be with you fully in about 10 mins!!!
  10. Hope that starts sinking south by about 12 miles. I'm getting bored lamp post watching the rain!!!
  11. Its very heavy, back garden is developing many lawn puddles. Shame the cold hasn't really developed here all day, we had a really heavy frost overnight but between 8 and 9am, it disappeared very quickly. Hoping the rain may drag down some cold air and get things kick started
  12. Now home from Norwich (12m South) and its now started dumping in this location. Seems to be following me around!!!! I best check if I just have bad dandruff actually.......
  13. Does Madden live in the scene on a Christmas card...? This is my theory, and as such I am expecting his July 'Winter' forecast to mention oversized Robins, falling snow containing glitter and what appears to be a fat bloke in a car with no wheels being pulled through the sky by horses.......!!!!
  14. I'll take Chio's I think....!!! Subtle but also 'some' significant differences between the two LRF's.......
  15. Absolutely brilliant work and a fascinating read. Well done Sir....
  16. Not from me......I'm sick of the sensationalist garbage that gets 'puked out' each winter- and subsequent 'told you' rubbish just because we may have 3 weeks of proper cold at some stage during the season. I asked my 7 year old tonight, "Do you think it will be cold this winter?" R- "Yes, probably Daddy", "Do you think we'll have snow?" R- "It's winter Daddy so I should think so", "Do you think it will be cold all the time?" R-"Not all the time Daddy". That single conversation has more credit than the predictions of Madden I'm afraid......!!!
  17. Madden and Powell........ Although I will have a cheeky fiver at the bookies for a touch of snow on Crimbo day.......I wonder if Ladbrokes would give me odds on an ice floe ripping past Great Yarmouth as well....???
  18. I skied in Andorra (Pas de la Casa) this year at the end of March and is the 7th time I have been there in the last 15 years. There is always snow there and the lifts are always open when possible, but as the resort is so ridiculously high, it does take a few days to acclimatise properly. Snow condition is always really very good indeed but if I was returning to Andorra again, I would go to Soldeu (Sol-day-oh) as you have the opportunity to ski the Grand Valeria (three peaks) anyway, and the resort itself is much nicer....but maybe I only think that because I'm an old git in my 40's now!!!!
  19. Long time reader, pretty new member- first time poster......!! Is it likely that we will see any SSW this year or is it likely to be a more gradual process bearing in mind the 'general' predictions are for a cold winter and that there are nice 'shaping up' signs?
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