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  1. hey tom, long time no see. I was going chasing on tour 3 also but I had to pull out of it due to money problems. Was relly looking forward to the chase, maybe next year now Have a great time Andy
  2. I've now voted. They are all stunning n beautiful. To me they all winners. Good luck everybody
  3. Totally agree with ya nick. Pure adrenaline rush
  4. Hi Jeremy, This will be my 3rd chase tour & it only gets better n better, your gonna have the time of your life. As for the after tour trip, that be something to remember. Looking forward to meeting ya. see you on tour 3 Andy
  5. Hi all, At the end of tour 3 I'm planning to fly out to Los Angeles & hire a car and drive back to DFW and see as much sights as I can, like Death Valley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam, Red Rock, White Sands & other places also hopefully more supercells & tornado's. Would anybody from tour 3 would like to come along & see as much sights as they can ?. Still along way off yet but like to plan well in advance. Can only fit 3 more on the trip tho. Will depart DFW on 11th June 2017 in the evening & arrive back at DFW on 17th June 2017 or maybe a day earlier depending
  6. Flight is now booked ready for next year. Fly out from LHR terminal 5 on BA192 at 12pm on Monday 29th May. Can't wait to get out there again. Miss it so much
  7. Before I went on tour 2 & 3 last year, I wasn't really bothered about tornado's. mainly due to never seen one. I was going just to see the wild lightning, But as Cyclone Gail said, we saw 8 tornado's in one day and I've been hooked to them ever since Here's a few photo's I took last year
  8. Can't believe how quick tour 4 sold out. Must be a record. Just waiting to find out if my holiday is approved from my work. As soon as I find out. I put my deposit down for tour 3
  9. Hopefully I be doing tour 3 next year. just need to submit my holiday requests to my boss n then we go from there
  10. Check out my latest photos from the storm chase tour 2 n tour 3

  11. AndyR

    Extreme Weather

    Nice Storm over Brighton East Sussex
  12. Hurry up summer

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Eugene


      Or winter<lol

    3. Milhouse


      Spring is a nice appetiser for summer so we will have that first lol.

    4. AndyR


      Spring is nice but love summer because of the lovely thunderstotns. Also hate the cold weather lol

  13. I'm a storm chaser baby !

    1. Mokidugway


      T.I.V pram ???

    2. AndyR


      Saw the T.I.V last year. It's ugly but awesome

  14. Supercell Thunderstorms

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    2. AndyR


      Bet that was an awesome site. Love to seen that !

    3. Mokidugway


      Nothing compared to mid west weather ,enjoy :)..

    4. AndyR


      Thank you. Can't wait. Done it last year n had the greatest time of my life :-D

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