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  1. Ah! I wondered if it might be him :)

  2. Gents, can we have a little laymans please, so I could understand what this may mean for the UK. I can see on the output the amount of blocking, but the UK seems to miss the cold air. Maybe another 7 days before the icandy charts start to show? Thanks.
  3. "We continue to anticipate that the polar vortex will be sufficiently perturbed/weakened to allow colder weather to spread over the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes starting in January. Still, If the energy transfer is not sufficiently strong over the next month or so to weaken the polar vortex, then the winter AO is likely to average positive in the mean and a mild weather pattern will dominate the mid-latitude continents for the remainder of the winter." No confidence from Cohen regarding next year.......IF we do we do, if we don't we don't. The more likely outcome will be the AO will stay around positive.
  4. Thats not how I read it.....the first paragraph says 'not predicted to be of sufficient amplitude to significantly weaken the stratospheric polar vortex'. Then says 'if the additional energy pulses are of insufficient duration and amplitude'......then to me it seems we are in for more of the same pattern for a good deal of winter yet.
  5. Is this what we have just seen the GFS playing with in the models?
  6. What's uncertain? The mold start or cold flip? Both uncertain in my book.
  7. When is the express going to print about the upcoming heat wave??
  8. A large cold pool in the Atlantic was very common in the 80's. This is nothing new.
  9. Indeed the warm could win out, but its not going to get warmer in that region due to the time of year. But the question is, what is feeding that cold pool?
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