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  1. Outstanding!!! We must not get lost in theory. We must appreciate reality.... MAO
  2. I think it is slower. In other words, last year has more effect on this year. What the new ice will bring could, and most likely is cumulative. A double whammy if you will... Ice melt must disperse cold pure water that sinks. This sinking cools lower levels. The question is can a sudden melt influence climate on a meso scale. Can refreeze influence real-time weather. I think this year will provide the answer, no doubt..... MAO
  3. The cool summer and advance of cooling in the North East or New England is theorized as a response to fresh water melt in the Arctic. Anybody got any data??? Frost on the pumpkin is a local thing they sing about....
  4. We must , however, understand the relation of ice melt, sub ocean cooling, and sea surface temps that guide real-time weather events.... This relationship or correlation, with CO2 readings must be understood. Otherwise it is speculation.... MAO
  5. Less vertical dynamics this year. I think that's cool. I see nothing cool about a localized storm killing people and destroying property. My brothers that get excited about that are suspect.... I know we want to see the atmosphere in its most dynamic. We most, however, understand the reality. Let's hope that 2014 is even less than 2013.... MAO
  6. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I have never been to England , but the promise a stormy winter is what a meteorologist desires. Autumn in the mid Atlantic or New England is special . Unlike the old country Summer can be brutal. The three H's are Hot, Hazy, Humid. This year has been 5 degrees below normal. Because the last few summers have been 5 degrees above, its been a relief, Temps are Fahrenheit. I have never been to England so I would ask. Do the trees change to a brilliant orange from green? Do they fall and crunch beneath your feet? Is there frost on the pumpkin? MAO
  7. Check this out....Atmosphere on steroids.... Errr.... Time lapse shows process....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97BrYoq1ly0&feature=youtube_gdata&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+MostPopularVideosFromYoutube---English+(Most+Popular+Videos+From+Youtube++---+English)
  8. Fascinating. I know very little about Spain. I had no idea snow could survive that long. I am having trouble converting elevation. Can you convert to feet. Don't want to say super lapse rate yet.... Spent some time in Rota, It seemed to have a California type climate. The potential for great storms off the coast of Portugal was experienced in 1982. While doing a trans-Atlantic we had to mod-lock 195 miles NW of Gibraltar onboard the USS Spruance. Swells of 50 feet with 20 foot waves. I will never live long enough to forget that... MAO
  9. Hello all. This thread is what lead me to this forum. After the "Great 2012 Arctic Cyclone" that destroyed a lot of the western ice cap, the ability of the ice cap to recover is amazing. This introduces the effects of super cooled water and phase change volatility. Reduced salinity no doubt. Reply #509 of this thread was found during a web search. If anyone could post a real-time link to this data would be appreciated. Look forward to discuss various old and introduce new theories. In appreciation to your consideration of my request I will share a link. Some may already have it, but for thos
  10. We would log that as snow showers aloft. The image in reply 7 is the same process. Available moisture, condensation nuclei, and dynamics separate visible presentation. Fascinating. MAO
  11. This does indeed look like a pilot that is unsure of where he should go. Certainty would need time-lapse. Snap shoot images are just a single point in a process. I spent thousands of hours in my youth staring at clouds. My father became very concerned. He called me on the back porch one day and said, "Boy, you need to stop staring at the sky. The neighbors are going to think you are crazy." A few years later I was a surface observer at the largest Naval Air Station(NGU). I still could, however, be crazy.. New to the forum from USA. Look forward to interacting. MAO
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