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  1. Hi Nick, thanks I won’t, I’m going to give it a few days and if no change, will take the plunge. The most likely flight I’ll be booking onto is the 14:40 from Heathrow which gets in at half 5ish. I’m hoping I’ll make it in time for dinner! What restaurants are near the days inn? My original post has gone missing somehow but the whole text is quoted in your post above so to everyone else: that’s my intro! See you all soon!
  2. Hi guys, I’m the newest addition to tour 4! I was booked onto it originally but dropped out in November and deferred my place. But I found out I can go this year after all, and there was one space left so I’m back! Looking forward to meeting everyone (Jodie P I already know, and Paul of course) - I was on tour 1 in 2017 and looking forward to seeing the high plains this time! not got a flight yet as there are no good deals. I’m hanging on to see if anything good comes up. Will be flying from Heathrow on the 7th. Christina
  3. Others have far, far better pictures and footage than me - and most of mine are trapped on cameras until I get home, but here are a couple. really terrible photo through car window of tornado by Waynoka kicking up debris (I was on wrong side of car for most of today!) getting lower! This one didn't land. gopro image of nice storm drifting by at the end of the day. And jon's camera also in the shot (I bet his photos are well nice. Better than this.)
  4. A sky full of Mammatus near Groom, Texas yesterday evening
  5. beautiful supercell structure from this evening
  6. Just realised there is actually a little tornado in photo 11. But it's not the immediate focus of the photo and it still gets my vote!
  7. It's got to be photo 11: the vanishing point really draws the eye. Beautiful photo. You don't need a dramatic weather set piece like lightning or a tornado to make a great photo - an empty road and an interesting cloud can do the job just as well!
  8. The photos/videos look great. I've been following the netweather chases online for a few years now, plus a whole load of other chasers on Facebook. Seeing a tornado would be awesome but I'm most excited to see supercells and lightning. Also, I use the Cloudspotter app (anyone else?) so I'm hoping to bank some shelf clouds for my collection. So, Paul mentioned a dinner the night before - is that the night of the 9th? I'm so excited but have no idea what to pack. I know it's likely to be hot but might we also run into lower temperatures? Do I need to pack my fleece? the o
  9. Hi all! I'm booked onto tour 1 and so is my friend Erica. We're from south London, and flying from Heathrow on 8/5/17 - direct with BA. Getting in at around 6pm and staying at the holiday inn garden motel Irving (it's next to the best western). Really looking forward to it, never done anything like this before and so excited! Looking forward to getting some good (or at least passable) weather photos! I've been wanting to storm chase since I was a teenager - finally doing it. Looking forward to meeting everyone and it would be great to meet up with anyone who's gonna be stayin
  10. I've booked onto Tour 1! I'm so excited!
  11. Hello! I'm completely new to the forum although have been following the Netweather Storm chases on social media for a few years. I've been wanting to join a tour since 2013 but have always put it off for various reasons. Now thinking its time to bite the bullet and do it! I'm hovering between tour 1 and tour 2....any advice on which one might be the better one to go for? Also, I emailed a question to Paul about the tour and he sent me a link to this forum as a way of meeting other people who go on the tours. So...hi! Nice to meet you all. My name is Christina and I really blimmin' love c
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