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  1. Nothing more to say on the Manchester ens other than wet and temps around average if slightly above at times.
  2. Bet that's rough if you're at sea overall a rubbish set of models so far this evening if you are looking for dryness - it's the same record played over and over since December.
  3. You know it's getting windy when a bin blows over.

    1. Mapantz


      It's bad today, I'm expecting damage reports soon.

  4. True but I still think he lacks that obvious enthusiasm and pushy personality that Allardyce, Mourinho, Klopp, Ferguson has to get the absolute best out of his players/force it out of them................ Laudrup seems a bit of a quiet reserved type, I've hardly ever seen him get angry - someone that players don't fully respect or take notice of. He still has valuable experience as a past player so would suit being a club scout in a footballing job or a secondary coaching role a bit like Phil Neville at United or Brian Kidd at City.
  5. He reminds me of Moyes, he has no real presence about him.
  6. Tell me about it - Thought I could hear your dog from up here!
  7. Gibraltar is another I like, hot Summers, very mild Winters http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibraltar#Climate I would hazard a guess that in Winter it is one of the mildest places in Europe, further east you go in the Med the chance of colder incursions pushing down from Eastern Europe in places like Greece and Turkey. Snow can fall right down to the coast in Crete.
  8. I reckon the title race is wide open. Although it's between Arsenal, City, Chelsea. I don't think Liverpool will win it.
  9. Hence why I missed it out, but since the 1800's the coldest temp in Miami has only been -2c on Feb 3rd 1917 and even then it was just for 30 mins I believe then quickly rose above 0c - not really damaging. So a damaging frost in south Florida does not occur from the Everglades south. Orlando's lowest ever temp was -8c and this is mid Florida not south, the Orlando area is where most of Florida's Orange's are grown. Also to note is Orlando is in a county called "Orange county" From what I have read Miami has only seen a handful of temps around 0c since 1800's, so if you lived in Miami all your life the chances of seeing a frost are very slim or maybe only once.
  10. No, damaging frosts do not occur that far south in Florida. It only occurs from Orlando northwards. In fact Key West has never recorded an air frost.
  11. City definitely not playing as well as recently, gave the ball away a heck of a lot tonight. It's like they can't be bothered. On the other hand Chelsea have played well so far.
  12. Apologies if this is a subject that has been posted before. My ideal place to live would be the Atacama desert in Chile - the world's driest hot desert. Where it rains maybe 2 days in the year that's it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arica#Climate Minus the threat from hurricanes and thunderstorms my 2nd/3rd ideal place to live and climate would be somewhere like Miami or Key West in Florida where it's very warm/hot year round with strong sunshine.
  13. Hmmm not too sure I guess if you like "variety" then probably England has the better climate for that - Far enough south to get heat but far enough north and east to get cold and snow (apart from this Winter )
  14. Unfortunately a wet picture overall esp the further west and south west you are, more flooding likely. Accumulated rainfall up to 192hrs
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