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  1. Good post....let' go out with a bang not a whimper ...Ukmo 168 looks ideal.
  2. Well this sums up my luck...The coldest spell for 10 years or whenever....and I've got my very own warm sector!!!! Anyone tell haw far north any ppn gets on ecm?
  3. Totally agree...great runs from gfs and ukmo for widespread snow...really tighteing up the isobars later in the week ahead of the snow as it inches north..probably going to be a ot of imby posts over this...those in the east and south east not so keen, but western and central areas it' the best set up for something more interesting than dry and very cold conditions...granted it' a risky set up but it will be spring by then after all.
  4. ....and the same gaps over western parts Can someone find a model with no gaps please!
  5. There are a lot of people in the west and wales who want it a good deal further north as the 00z gfs....only chance of snow in these parts even if there is a thaw following.
  6. Totally agree...not one to check the ICON but after reading the posts I went for a quick nose....yep, fallen apart, -10 uppers and a snow event on Friday...terrible! I give you, the failed ICON..
  7. Well I might be in the minority, but I for one hope the gfs comes to fruition...it' our best bet for widespread snow with that low moving north into the bitter air.
  8. Yes, a bit of a theme here...having said that, a weeks freeze with frequent snow events, followed by a snowstorm will probably be enough for me....and the wildlife, so wouldn't grumble with a relaxation of the cold afterwards.
  9. Just thinking the same regarding the BBC...dry and cold....ecm has a north westerly flow by the end of next week....nothing could have been more unlikely this time yesterday?!
  10. Let' be honest, the bitterly cold air is pretty much nailed on next week. Small variations thou in the runs seems to move the emphasis of snow distribution from the south east tot more northern areas...might not go down to well bet that' the way I see it as an overall picture. Good to see a strong scandi high forecast for the following week to keep the cold locked in and as said above further snow moving in from the north east.
  11. Unless I'm missing something then the wording hasn' changed since yesterday?? Unless you have a different source?
  12. Strange snow charts, almost opposite distribution to what you would expect??
  13. Surprised no comments on this feature in the north sea providing a wall to prevent the coldest uppers making the journey to the UK....for southern parts anyway.....a little shortwave drama to come?
  14. The operational runs from the 'big 3' must be good...no one has dragged the ICON out!
  15. Blimey, we are a fickle bunch this morning...how can you not be happy with ecm at 192? It can only go 1 way from here. The main point being not 1 model this morning goes the milder route as talked about yesterday on the beeb forecast so it looks like that hurdle has been cleared...ens are useless in this set up as proved during the last few days...they flipped to mild just as the ops flipped to cold!