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  1. You do have to laugh though. Since this much heralded, vaunted and talked about high pressure arrived late last week, it's rained every other day in London. Just chucked it down again. Briefly mind.
  2. I know it probably sounds weird but the darker and drearier the better for me. Add in the prospect of some snow and storms and the next 6/7months are a goer for me.
  3. Yup, been waiting on t-shirts to dry on wash line outside since yesterday. And now it's drizzling again! 18c and yuck.
  4. I know! Isn't it ironic. And I think it's going to be like thus for a loooong time. Still only a matter of a few weeks before the Atlantic roars back into life for the rest of autumn and winter.
  5. Certainly should have been Met Office warning. 36mm in St James Park between 00z and 06z. Serious deluge. Their warning system will always be a mystery to me.
  6. Great to see you back posting again Tom. Been a while.
  7. Met office updated extended forecast. Probably dry Wednesday then unsettled countrywide till the following week at least.
  8. Fabulous biblical rain and wind storm blowing through London just now. Still dark almost. 17c though. Extremely mild. Proper autumn now.
  9. Met office latest update going for a more widely wet and windy spell Well into October. May get a bit better down here later in the month.
  10. Get used to it mate. Another seven months to go. Proper weather not boring high pressure that doesn't deliver either. Get a bigger coat and mate.
  11. North Western Iceland a short time ago. Wonderful to see so early.
  12. 12mm of rain so far today in SW London. Pretty impressive given it wasn't forecast to be this wet.
  13. Torrential rain and thunder( very little lightning) in South London.
  14. It certainly has mate. Only two types of weather folk on this site are interested in. Heat in summer and snow in winter. Strange for a site that's supposed to be for weather enthusiasts. Nought as funny as folk I suppose.
  15. Seriously. Today really is taking the mick in London. 17c and cloudy/breezy. High pressure by ass. Give me sunny spells and heavy showers any day!
  16. Not in the garden no as i have gravelled that. The allotment however is a different story!!! Some of these weeds are nearly 5 ft tall, bonkers, and there's spuds somewhere in amongst all that chaos. Been so wet I never had to water them but the wet just sent the weeds crazy. Great for the bees though. The weeds will die back now that autumn is on the horizon.
  17. 13 so far in SW London. 21 in 2020 22 in 2019 38 in 2018 22 in 2017 2011 will take some beating though with just 8.
  18. Internet age. If you hunt down fires, floods etc you will find them. There's always been fires like this and always will be. It's just that humans have decided to build homes in the middle of high risk areas. Next drama....
  19. I've sometimes wondered what Dudley must look like on a wet day.
  20. Three dryish days next week after a deluge this weekend. Bank Holiday weekend now looking wet.
  21. But it will still end up, after some creative accounting, being in the top 10 warmest Augusts ever. What a racket.
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