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  1. Really enjoying all this heavy rain, its very autumnal, and useful, going forward. Though the complete absence of thunder/lightning in this long unsettled period is surprising. Great weather for digging over the allotment later for winter planting. 14c and rain in SW London just now.
  2. That's the first time I've watched a BBC TV forecast in months. '' Lots of uncertainty'' about tommorow/storms nights rain Mr Bett just said now. Lots off coulds and maybes.
  3. A totally unscientific view from me but I just don't see any storms occurring in the next 48 hours. It just doesn't feel like it. Hope I'm wrong mind.
  4. ECM still LP dominated into last week of June.
  5. Yes, some very disturbed output this morning. No need to post charts. We could as I said several weeks ago be looking at a 2007 Summer.
  6. The next week looks fairly unsettled to say the least, the following Sunday to Tuesday not too bad, warmer anyway and then it's back to unsettled again, especially further north.
  7. Well at least we are not stuck in that hideous European heat this afternoon.
  8. Torrential downpours now in South London, one after the other. Still only 13.8c.
  9. Looks like the middle/end of next week continues the unsettled theme according to ECM. Though slightly warmer. Could be a long wait for summer.
  10. This seems to concur with the bbc extended outlook just now. 'Generally unsettled and maybe a bit more settled in the south east. All very volatile at the moment' Their words not mine. I feel the wait for summer will go on for some time yet.
  11. Sunny spells now in Wimbledon 16c but not alot else to report. Interesting sky scape though.
  12. True. The 06z all but removes any HP from this area by 19th. Slack gradient with heavy showers. Not too dissimilar to what we have now.
  13. No, haven't ignored them. As my earlier post said, they are showing a short lived improvement. Long term, more of the same as we have now.
  14. I think the storms on the night if the 23rd of June 2016 dumped over 35 mm here in South London over about 6 hours. It was the night before the Brexit referendum. Obviously drove a certain percentage of folk crazy!
  15. 14 days out and GFS still going for LP /troughing around UK and Ireland. Looks to be another low forming in the Atlantic around then too. Met Office update would appear to agree. The wait for summer goes on.
  16. GFS going for another southerly tracking low late next week. Given how well they modelled this current spell, it looks very likely. Any improvement, if it occurs, will be short lived.
  17. Heaviest rain of the day so far just now. Getting very dark.
  18. Not the concrete mate. Parks, gardens, allotments etc etc. 18.4mm already today. Well impressed, for June.
  19. 15mm rain so far today. Could be some pretty large totals over the next few days.
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