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  1. We got ten days to get to Aldi and stock up... again. I'm still trying to get through the last lot I bought in January. Whenever I see the letters SSW I'm straight into panic mode and stripping the shelves.
  2. When you look at these current European temperatures it just goes to show you how out they were. They can't even say the forecasted very cold weather just missed us!! 🙂
  3. They are 'smelling the coffee' again in the Cold Thread and I think that they may be about to call the hunt ON again. The excitement is unbearable.......
  4. Wimbledon88

    Met Office loses BBC contract

    Does anyone watch TV forecasts anymore what with all the information that's available at your fingertips? I watch the BBC extended forecasts very occasionally if I fancy a giggle though. 😁
  5. Wimbledon88

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    You beat me to it mate. I was just reading through those old forecasts from last month. I was about to say that only this day last week they were predicting possible snow showers for Eastern England today ish. Now I know its not an exact science but come on!!!! 🙂
  6. Very dry soil on the allotment this afternoon especially as we should have had the wettest period of the year. Could be problems ahead. Bonkers warm there today though for mid February. 14.2c I have a weather station there and interestingly the lowest temperature recorded all winter was - 4.2c. Even for South London thats pretty poor. The word boring springs to mind. 💤
  7. Beat you to it mate, I seen one yesterday in Hammersmith.It was heading in a N direction, may be the same one! 🙂
  8. Hope we have a record breaking mild February now. Will turn out to have been an exceptionally mild winter down here. Well we had one snow shower so can't complain. 🙂 Maybe then the experts in Metoffice etc can have a sit down and focus on just how poor their forecasting is and why it hasn't improved in the slightest in the last 10-15 years. Other areas of science have come on in leaps and bounds in that time. Maybe the Beeb were on to something when they dropped them. Mind you most other forecasting agencies were just as rubbish. Background signals indeed! SSW... blah blah blah! Maybe if these professionals stopped pontificating about what things will be like in 30years and concentrate on 30 days? Beautiful day today mind so as I'm off work today I'm off out to enjoy! 🙂
  9. Cold night last night given its a 'mild spell'. Low of 1.6c. Frosty surfaces earlier. Day off work today to do some spring allotment work. 13c forecast so ideal. Planning what veggies to grow this year. I'm fairly certain now given the very dry winter and with no rain in forecast for next 10-14 days that we will have water restrictions this summer in the London area.
  10. Well if nothing else we won't have to hear folk on this site and in the media banging on about the Beast from the East anymore. Beast my harris! Two and half days of snow showers. And a total of 1cm of snow last March. Maybe next winter they ll have come up with some other saying. I think from a meteorology point of view the experts should start studying why when a HP settles over Central Europe it hangs around longer than a bad smell. Yet, in any other location, it is displaced after a couple of days. Has been like that for several years. I'm no expert though 🙂
  11. Well it's hard to say goodbye to something that never actually arrived. But whatever we call the last 3 months, they won't be missed. Whatever else we have learned this season, weather forecasting accuracy has not improved one bit in the last 10 years! In fact there seems to be more acronyms etc being used.
  12. My letter to it would consist of just the one sentence l, namely.... '' Why don't you just FO''. 😁
  13. Wimbledon88

    Meto Uk Further Outlook

    I think it's safe to say now that it's all over as far as any meaningful cold spell goes. I know it's only 12th Feb but both the medium and longish term forecasts smack of Euro-slug dominated weather.... And we know how that can hang around and scupper things. Far better if we had a mobile Atlantic pattern in place, at least for folk up north,might get something out of transient colder spells.
  14. A bit nippy out. 3c. Nice clear sky morning. Looks like a few fairly bland days coming up. Carol very excited and animated earlier on the Beeb about temperatures probably reaching 15c 'somewhere' later in the week. Bless.
  15. It ll be just that bit closer to us so as to prevent any storms moving up from France. 🙂
  16. I think this year,above all years,is the one not to give up on winter.Notwithstanding it's only the 11th February,the forecasters and other experts really don't have a clue what's happening after next weekend never mind the next fortnight. Still plenty of time for surprises. The last thing we want though is that blinking Euro High to take up residence. It ruined the earlier part of winter already. I despise the thing. It's a nghtmare for weather enthusiasts.
  17. True. These were the temperatures in Europe this afternoon.
  18. I think the Met Office should concentrate on being able to accurately predict surface weather 10 days out. Couldn't predict a pint in a pub that lot. 10 years?? Really??
  19. On the 'cold thread' one or two are talking about potential record February highs later in week. Can't see it myself but will be dry and pretty uneventful imo. Sunny and 6c in South West London now.
  20. Seen that earlier. Certainly interesting. Let's see if its the same in a few days time. I agree that they haven't been the best in recent months but, at the end of the day, they are the experts. Certainly seems bullish. They have access to much more detailed and analogous information than we can see.
  21. Wow. Lucky escape for some people there. Yes, agreed, very poor weather now in the capital aswell. Lots of local flooding with many quite large branches down. Very nasty squalls too.
  22. I like a nice twig rustler on a damp evening. 😁
  23. Well at least the met office won't be able to sit on many fences after the next few days.
  24. Another good dose of rain heading into the area just now, and windy too later. Lively weather at last. Always good to get lots of winter rain in this area, been a very dry winter so far.
  25. Yes indeed. A very springlike 9c now in Wimbledon with a clear sky. Met said it was going to be a wet dreary morning. No surprises there! 🙂 The Parakeets that have taken up residence in my neighbours plane tree are obviously enjoying it. Making a right old raket. 😁