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  1. Hands up who has ever seen such a gibberish Met Outlook for next week. Talk about not having a clue! :))
  2. I think it says they haven't a clue what's going to happen. I ve never read such a gibberish outlook. They just don't know,which makes it all the mirer interesting.
  3. There are alot of them but........ Baby steps Building blocks NW/SE split Faux cold would be well up the list!
  4. Brilliant!!! Yes,I've never read such rubbish on here before as today's weeping and nashing if teeth. Leaves are still on trees diwn here!
  5. Not a bad outlook from the met,they are the experts after all. Getting more mobile,all we need now is the jet to go a but further south and you never know what one of those LPs could drag in behind it. Never really that good for us down here but can throw up a few surprises. Still going for cold too. I for one am pleased as long as that bloody HP to our SW is kept at bay.As long as it is then anything can happen,at quite short notice too! Relying on Hp as a conduit for proper cold in these islands is far too messy and complicated. Never goes to plan.
  6. Well that was all rather tedious wasn't it. There was too many things that could go wrong and sure enough they did. And I am not in the slightest bit surprised. Serious amounts of time and energy put in by the folk on the mod thread for it to come to nought. Despite people saying otherwise, forecasting 5-7 days out is still pretty crap. You only have too look at the number of times the met use the word uncertainty and possibly. Very poor all round to be honest. As I have said before,until that HP to our sw does one, we can forget about meaningful cold. Haven't heard faux cold being mentioned yet. Baby steps.......,..
  7. I thought the whole idea of computer modelling was to factor in all those different parameters? I for one think they are all useless and strangly seem to be getting more so. Would it not be easier for all concerned to say "high pressure to the south of the uk will ocasionally ridge northwards after which some weakish fronts will effect the north and west,slight frost in places" Take out the frost bit in summer and theres your forecast. Simplistic I know but for 99.9% population who are'nt particularly interested it would suffice and 99% of the time would be accurate.
  8. Looks like any 'cold' will be fleeting. Actually any vaguely interesting weather will be fleeting. Beeb 10 day going for HP to move in late next week. My prediction is it will slip SE into the continent and sit there for an age! We know the rest.
  9. I have seen stormier fays in July! Not s drop of rain either. Hopeless forecasting yet again.
  10. You wont be very popular on the Mod Thread if that were to happen. They love a good old AH slug over on there!
  11. I haven't looked at the other thread yet but i dare say they must be all a titter now theres a good long period if AH October 'heat' coming up. Strange on a weather enthusiasts website but there we are.
  12. Just had a look on the other thread. Dead as a dodo on there yet there looks to be some proper major weather on the way. Fair play to Knocker by the way! Now if there were endless weeks of dry boring high pressure forecast the thread would be buzzing with excitement?!? I can never understand that with a weather enthusiasts website. Very strange.
  13. Yes,great to see. Some actual weather! Won't please the high pressure fans over on the 'mystic meg thread'but hey, it is now autumn!
  14. Quite a few bright flashes here in SW19 but thunder quite distant to the south. All rather strange. Tipping it down now though.