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  1. On the positive front I'm off to the pacific coast of Mexico tomorrow morning for 2 weeks ,so no doubt i'll be enjoying tropical sunshine,warm seas and a few tequilas amongst other things...hope you all get the cold you crave whilst i'm away , save some for my return though
  2. Absolutely stunned and saddened to hear about Dianne Oxbury ,I really liked her ,she certainly knew more about the weather than other local presenters and had a wicked sense of humour,my thoughts go out to her family x
  3. Great to hear, can't wait ,2 weeks AI in Puerto Vallerta...driest time of the year and temps 27-30c expected
  4. Greetings fellow North westerners,not posted on here for a while,normally i'd be trawling through the forums looking for signs of cold snowy weather,this year i'm hoping it stays away as I'm off with the wife to the pacific coast of Mexico in a couple of weeks for some sunshine and to celebrate her birthday , so I do not want anything to get in the way of that plane leaving. Weatherwise it's another grey dismal day in Wigan with a temp of 8.5c, so pretty boring.
  5. Thoroughly miserable all day here,rain from the moment I got up , this time next week i'll be in SE Spain ...can't wait
  6. Been really nice here since about 12:00pm,sun shining and a garden shade temp of 28c (not official)..
  7. Just dull grey skies here ,been like it most of the day
  8. I was away in Sweden last week , before I went the grass was looking very brown and too short to cut,it's now like a jungle after the rain,but I can't cut it because i'm currently laid up with a sprained ankle that i brought back from Sweden with me ...it's all very frustrating
  9. Looks like the heat is returning this week , BBC outlook just said that Europe's highest ever temperature could be broken this week (48c) in Southern Portugal,now that is HOT ...I've attached a chart i found recently
  10. Well , it was nice to see you Mr Rain , but you've overstayed your welcome now please Bu**** off for another 5 weeks (that's when i'm off to Spain for a week)
  11. Just got back from a scorching week in western Sweden and it's p****** down here in Wigan
  12. Yes I own a hose pipe and Yes I will be affected...I will be seriously pi**ed off
  13. I know rain has been in short supply this summer so far , but it's a bit pathetic not to mention bad management, when the wettest part of England is the first to issue a hosepipe ban.
  14. A moderate downpour this morning , but then took the grandson to Manchester airport visitor centre where it was bone dry..However had quite a lot of rain this evening which has really helped water the grass.... Off to W Sweden (between Göteborg and Trollhättan) on friday for a week , hope the forecast is correct as it will mean lots of outdoor fun and swimming if it comes off..
  15. Thought today was the best day of the recent hot spell,not too humid and a slight refreshing breeze has made it comfortable enough to sit out without having to seek shade every 10 minutes,garden thermometer still registering 27.6 c though
  16. Clear blue skies again 20.1c
  17. Definite smokey glow appeared in the last 20-30 minutes
  18. Hot,Hazy and a definite smokey smell in the air.
  19. I know it's not official but my garden weather station hit 33.3c today,it was probably the hottest day I've experienced since I moved here in 1989 and it felt like being in the Mediterranean .It's now 21:20 and it's still 23.6c..Looks like a very uncomfortable night ahead.
  20. No storms here today but maybe some brewing over the tops of the hills and in the northern part of our region