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  1. Been a great few days here and hopefully more to come, we've had 4 BBQ 's already this year ,that's more than the whole of last year. ,On the subject of the Scandi high and the easterly the temps in parts of Sweden are unbelievable and the outlook is great,my best mate sent me photo's of lake swimming today,they live about 30 miles NE of Gothenburg. Hope it continues throughout the summer as we're there at the end of July
  2. Unfortunately ,I missed the warmest spell of the year so far,however spending Thurs-Mon down on the southern Costa Blanca certainly compensated,
  3. After spending a week (17-24 March) in Cyprus where the weather was sunny and warm 22-25c during the day ,I am longing for summer to arrive now.Please let there be no more mini beasts, I want the heat from now until December* Edit * well October then ,as I get to return to Cyprus in November.
  4. Pleased to see it not sticking for once , I have to get to the airport before 12 for a flight out to Cyprus later
  5. I will not be partaking in any Cold ramping,whingeing next week .I hope you all get what you want ,cos I know I will ,it will be some sunshine and Kleftico
  6. And for once I won't care , I'll be in Cyprus
  7. Had a good couple of inches of snow this morning , turned out for work at 7:15 couldn't get off the estate due to snow/ice and abandoned buses/cars, went back home , finally managed to get in work for 10, all melted now ,but really pleased about the surprise dumping
  8. Getting a lot lighter now , probably turn to rain soon ,currently 0.6c
  9. Crazy here, set off for work but can’t get off the estate, cars abandoned on sides of main roads, come back home for an hour or so until the roads are cleared
  10. Keane was abysmal today, only player who gave a **** was Gylfi Sigurdsson and Fat Sam took him off....this season is so embarrassing
  11. Sunday 18th March ...Forecast 21c In Cyprus....................Just Saying as I will be there ...currently -0.1c here in Wigan and as dry as a witches ..........
  12. Spurry

    North west regional discussion

    Well now that pathetic snow event (for me) is over ,I'm on countdown for Cyprus in 14 days
  13. Spurry

    North west regional discussion

    woke up to a slight dusting of snow but probably only 0.2cm at most
  14. Spurry

    North west regional discussion

    Can't wait for some Spring/Summer warmth