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  1. Thoroughly miserable all day here,rain from the moment I got up , this time next week i'll be in SE Spain ...can't wait
  2. Been really nice here since about 12:00pm,sun shining and a garden shade temp of 28c (not official)..
  3. Just dull grey skies here ,been like it most of the day
  4. I was away in Sweden last week , before I went the grass was looking very brown and too short to cut,it's now like a jungle after the rain,but I can't cut it because i'm currently laid up with a sprained ankle that i brought back from Sweden with me ...it's all very frustrating
  5. Looks like the heat is returning this week , BBC outlook just said that Europe's highest ever temperature could be broken this week (48c) in Southern Portugal,now that is HOT ...I've attached a chart i found recently
  6. Well , it was nice to see you Mr Rain , but you've overstayed your welcome now please Bu**** off for another 5 weeks (that's when i'm off to Spain for a week)
  7. Just a Thunder/lightning/hail shower
  8. Just got back from a scorching week in western Sweden and it's p****** down here in Wigan
  9. Yes I own a hose pipe and Yes I will be affected...I will be seriously pi**ed off
  10. I know rain has been in short supply this summer so far , but it's a bit pathetic not to mention bad management, when the wettest part of England is the first to issue a hosepipe ban.
  11. A moderate downpour this morning , but then took the grandson to Manchester airport visitor centre where it was bone dry..However had quite a lot of rain this evening which has really helped water the grass.... Off to W Sweden (between Göteborg and Trollhättan) on friday for a week , hope the forecast is correct as it will mean lots of outdoor fun and swimming if it comes off..