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  1. Not sure what the temp is as my outdoor sensor is knackered but its really white here and has stayed that way in the shade all day
  2. Hi .I apologise if this is not the correct place to seek some advice , please direct me if there is a more appropriate place. My question is I have an Oria weather station (see attached photo) which I have had for a few years now, I know it is not the most accurate or technical but it serves a purpose,recently the outdoor sensor has stopped working ,i've tried to fix it but I have had to throw it away eventually.I have been searching the internet for a replacement sensor but have been unable to locate the identical one .Is it possible to purchase another make of sensor that will work ,I notice that most sensors operate on 433mz frequency ,are all sensors that operate on this frequency compatible . any advice will be gratefully received Regards Ian
  3. Still disappointingly cloudy today after virtually wall to wall sunshine and 29c yesterday , fingers crossed the sun will break through soon.
  4. I can vouch for that , we were swimming off the west coast of Sweden last week and it was not chilly at all
  5. Just a light shower about 1 hour ago here,now quite bright again, definitely sheltered by the Peaks/Pennines
  6. Looks like the HP is going to be situating itself over Scandinavia and drawing in some warm air from the continent ,which bodes well for me as I'm off to W Sweden tomorrow for a week with the wife.
  7. I sat out eating my breakfast earlier and i felt a few spots of rain but it looks like it's passed now
  8. I was looking forward to a nice warm day to get the grass cut before we jet off to Cape Verde tomorrow, instead it's grey,muggy and been raining for the last hour , roll on tomorrow.
  9. Just finished work until Wednesday, it's disappointingly hazy this afternoon,hope it clears later , was hoping to light the BBQ for the first time this year
  10. On the positive front I'm off to the pacific coast of Mexico tomorrow morning for 2 weeks ,so no doubt i'll be enjoying tropical sunshine,warm seas and a few tequilas amongst other things...hope you all get the cold you crave whilst i'm away , save some for my return though
  11. Absolutely stunned and saddened to hear about Dianne Oxbury ,I really liked her ,she certainly knew more about the weather than other local presenters and had a wicked sense of humour,my thoughts go out to her family x
  12. Great to hear, can't wait ,2 weeks AI in Puerto Vallerta...driest time of the year and temps 27-30c expected
  13. Greetings fellow North westerners,not posted on here for a while,normally i'd be trawling through the forums looking for signs of cold snowy weather,this year i'm hoping it stays away as I'm off with the wife to the pacific coast of Mexico in a couple of weeks for some sunshine and to celebrate her birthday , so I do not want anything to get in the way of that plane leaving. Weatherwise it's another grey dismal day in Wigan with a temp of 8.5c, so pretty boring.
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