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  1. Must say we are going through a great spell of weather at the minute, nice and cool around 16-18c although would like it a bit cooler. A welcome change from the sweaty humidity of July.
  2. I think this Autumn will be a continuation of what we have experienced for the last 12 months. I think it will be a warm/hot start to the autumn with temps consistently 20c+ in the south. I think November will be another warm month with temps consistently in the mid teens.
  3. Sweating all day and high pollen counts are not enjoyable experiences. Not to mention the hot and humid nights leading to lack if sleep.
  4. None of those things you mentioned will keep anyone cool, especially when it's 30c hot and humid. Looks like an awful spell of weather is coming up for people who work, hopefully we get some cool and wet weather after the heat wave has passed by the end of the month, There has been above average temperatures for a whole year now.
  5. Some horrible weather being modelled for wed-fri next week for those that have a job. Not looking forward to it at all.
  6. Humid is certainly not as good an outcome as cool and wet. Some people like to sleep at night.
  7. I want cool and wet. But have a feeling it will be hot and humid. We have had above average temperatures since last July.
  8. The run of above average temperatures has been going since last July. Never known anything like it.
  9. Can see the mild/very warm weather carrying on. I think we will consistently keep seeing 16-18c in the south east and 14-16 in the midlands for a few more weeks yet. Also mild nights very rarely dropping below the 10c mark in the south.
  10. Those suggesting the settled spell will last 10+ days are mistaken IMO, we are lucky to get that in July. Its october and things can change very quickly.
  11. Temps look more like 18-20c in the south and 16-18 in the midlands. The charts are over exaggerating things IMO.
  12. Let's be honest here, there is no way a settled spell will last for 2 weeks in October. I think your getting ahead of yourselves.
  13. Looking like a record October then? Never known a late September/early October so consistently warm. We haven't had a properly cool/cold day yet this Autumn. Can't see Autumn like weather properly coming in until mid November.
  14. Except this isn't fine weather. It's cloudy and humid, the worst type of weather.
  15. This weather is just awful, sweaty and humid, can't wait for some proper cold weather.
  16. I think people are being very optimistic suggesting this settled and very warm spell could last 1 or 2 weeks. Thats pretty much unheard of. Im awaiting the charts showing the inevitable breakdown after around 4 or 5 days.
  17. Unless i'm mistaken we have had charts showing extended warm/hot spells for at least the last month and none of them have really come to fruition.
  18. So another heatwave then, can't remember a summer so consistently warm as this one. No real cool weather at all and above 20c nearly every day. Although I do have my doubts about those charts coming off, especially in September.
  19. Can't see the hot weather continuing for more than 4/5 days, when have we ever had a nationwide heat wave in September lasting more than a week?
  20. Every time I visit this thread we seem to be on the verge of another heat wave/hot spell. Not one has materialised...
  21. Some of these charts are showing multiple weeks of warm weather. Don't you think that's a bit unrealistic at the end of August? When was the last time we had a couple/few weeks straight of warm/settled weather at the end of August/beginning of September?
  22. Just registered here, Are we looking at a return to heat wave conditions for 14+ days again then? Can't understand people that work liking the hot weather, it's not great to work in.
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