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  1. The dark is coming in faster and faster and I can not believe the difference over the last 2 weeks.
  2. If there is a storm tomorrow then it will make my week after all this settled warm weather. but sadly it is incredibly unlikely.
  3. would also like to see snow in September some time, but would like it to snow the most in December
  4. so much talk of snow already, hoping for cold Autumn to start of an impressive winter?
  5. Wouldn't mind a September of about 16/17C but don't want a heatwave
  6. I have noticed autumn coming since the marble sized hail that destroyed the shed roof, But then summer made its return.
  7. As humans we will always get bored of the weather near the end of each season. At the start of this summer (when it got warmer) we were pleased with not having to use heating and not having to wear lots of layers, but know we are on the more miserable side of summer we are anticipating the cold seasons that will give us a fresher crisper atmosphere and make us feel cozy at home. These possessives will soon be overlooked though when your fingers feel like they are falling of and the dreaded commutes come along. But still we will never get bored of the changing seasons.
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