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  1. Altnaharra has an amazing weather . Numerous times it has been both the hottest and coldest place the same day . Recent notable cold spells at altnaharra include -22.3 in 2009 and -21.2 in december 2010 . Been a consistent performer.
  2. The coldest overall is Dalwhinnie with an annual temperature of 6.6 C followed by by Braemar at 6.8 C .
  3. I think braemar is the only place in UK to record below - 20 in November , Decemeber , January , February and March . Thats some record
  4. Number of days of average air frosts at low lying places according to met office 1981-2010 figures : Braemar 101.7 days Dalwhinnie 97.2 days Aviemore 88.7 days Loch Glascarnoch 85 days Aboyne 85. 9 days Esdalemuir 84.1 Tulloch bridge 80.5 Redesdale camp 78.9 Altnaharra 77.7 Santon downham 76.5 Shap 74.5 Spadeadam 74 malham 73 Englands highest is redesdale camp at an average of 78.9 while Katesbridge's was NI coldest with 57 airfrosts . Sennybridge topped wales with 65 average days of airfrosts. I wouldnt mind moving to Braemar or Dalwhinnie though . I was most surprised with Altnaharra as it usually has the coldest temperatures along with braemar and expected it higher on the list.
  5. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/media/pdf/b/d/MetLIB_13_001_Factsheet_4.pdf Met office says 5000 mm for west highlands but does not a mention a specific place.
  6. How big is fort william? 1883 mm of rain
  7. There seems to be alot of dispute which is the wettest place in UK? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/picturegalleries/5386736/Top-10-Britains-wettest-places.html?image=0 this website states dalness in glen etive is the wettest. While other sites states its seathwaite in cumbria. Also the wettest spot in place is quoted as top of snowdonia with 4500 mm but met office states part of highlands get more than 5000 mm of rain. Can anyone clear up both wettest inhabited place and spot for me?
  8. Braemar recorded -2.1 , aviemore -1.1 as well as air frosts for altnaharra , kinbrace ,topcliffe and the usual spots in highlands last month. Katesbridge also recorded -1.9 C
  9. They should have a university in highlands with campuses in braemar , aviemore , dalwhinnie and tomintoul for all the snow lovers:-D
  10. Braemar recording -2.1 C and aviemore -1.1 C
  11. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/observation/map/#?map=WeatherCode&zoom=5&lon=-4.00&lat=55.01&fcTime=1408734000 According to met office it was 0.4 C ?
  12. After Braemar had 1.8 C last night and 0.8 C 0n 5th August(coldest place in europe that day) i thought I should start this thread. Aviemore , aboyne, altnaharra and dalwhinnie are recording temperatures near freezing point recently. So where would be the first air frost of the season and where? For Scotland : Braemar mid to late august For England : redesdale camp mid september For Wales : Sennybridge mid september For NI: katesbridge early september
  13. Maximum temperature in 24h. 05/14/2014 at 21:00 UTC 1 Solent M. R. S. C. (United Kingdom) 19.9 °C 2 Boscombe Down (United Kingdom) 19.5 °C 3 London / Heathrow Airport (United Kingdom) 19.5 °C 4 London, St James Park (United Kingdom) 19.3 °C 5 Shoreham Airport (United Kingdom) 19.2 °C Minimum temperature in 24h. 05/14/2014 at 21:00 UTC 1. Altnaharra (United Kingdom) -3.0 °C 2.Loch Glascarnoch (United Kingdom) -2.1 °C 3. Tulloch Bridge (United Kingdom) -1.4 °C 4. Tain Range (United Kingdom) -0.1 °C 5.Aviemore (United Kingdom) 0.3 °C
  14. Last night four scottish sites reporting sub zero temperatures: 1 Aviemore (United Kingdom) -1.4 °C 2 Cairngorm (United Kingdom) -0.9 °C 3 Aboyne (United Kingdom) -0.4 °C 4 Loch Glascarnoch (United Kingdom) -0.3 °C 5 Altnaharra (United Kingdom) -0.1 °C
  15. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-26339994 World-renowned climber Hamish MacInnes believes this winter in Scotland's mountains is the snowiest since 1945. He said he had not seen such "colossal volumes" of snow since he started climbing as a youngster 69 years ago. Dumfries and Galloway-born Mr MacInnes is also the inventor of mountaineering equipment, including a stretcher. He said: "The first time I went climbing was in 1945 and I remember cutting our way through snow in Glencoe. "I've not seen anything like it until now. "This covering of snow we have just now is very alpine. There is a very defined demarcation line between where the snow starts and the bare grass below. it has been a weird winter..
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