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  1. Great show at 6pm from the M6 Thelwall viaduct. (stationary traffic helped tonight) It appear to be building up around Warrington again
  2. The cell south of Chester looks promising but too far South for me. The activity to the West of Liverpool is fading , even so this is probably going to my North. Oh well, back to the radar ...
  3. Noticeable if you were under it, just got soaked making my way back home !
  4. Some very sharp showers over in Warrington too ! Have April Showers arrived early ?
  5. Still wild up here and lots of travel restrictions in placeNote the actual tide tonight http://www.ntslf.org/data/realtime?port=Liverpool
  6. There will be a surge, just check out this for the last couple of dayshttp://www.ntslf.org/data/realtime?port=Liverpool
  7. Thanks for the link, at only 18m here. Interesting comparison to the OS map since I've gained a metre !!
  8. The 72hr fax from the met office matches this. Certainly one to watch in the SW of England with regard to rainfall potential now
  9. This high tide prediction Sat 1st Feb 12:00 10.21m at Liverpool adds a whole new meaning to 'High Noon'
  10. The timing is going to correspond with some of the highest tides too !
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